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(Video) Westray to Papa Westray flight

"World's shortest scheduled air route - but this was a stunning summer's evening in Orkney and pure pleasure!" ( More...

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Daniel Baker 12
First time I've ever had the patience to watch a video covering an entire flight from takeoff to landing!
zennermd 3
How would you like to be the pilot that uses that route to build your hours. Cool video.
Jeremy Kudlick 3
I think the pre-flight safety briefing is longer than the flight.
Mossop Mike 3
We took this flight last summer - it was a blast - I timed the actual flight at 90 seconds ! And we received a commemorative certificate.

Flying around the islands is a very friendly more relaxed experience than regular airline flights.

For example at Kirkwall, we checked in and then sat down with a coffee; after a few minutes wait someone from the desk came over and said "Hi Mike and Alison, we're ready to go if you are" This just doesn't happen in JFK or T5 Heathrow!

Wrapping up the flight briefing the pilot said " ... and if we have any problems we'll just come back to Kirkwall and have a cup of tea" - Brilliant!
Jeremy Kudlick 1
Sounds like I need to visit the Highlands and Orkneys just for the flying!
David Hawkshaw 3
Not much chance of your luggage ending up elsewhere either! In fact if needs be you could go back for it.
It reminded of my early flying days on single engine HT2 aircraft. It is beautiful & short video and I liked it immensely.
Torsten Hoff 2
Dang it, I had just reclined my seat and then the captain asked me to return to the full upright position... :(
Mark Lansdell 1
You're fast. I only got a 1/4 of the way back.

I'd still be creating cockpit clutter and it would be time to land.
barnsley 2
No time for for IFE or dinner then? Great video. Thanks for sharing.
Dave Haeg 2
They must have to get clearance for takeoff and landing at the same time.
acmi 1's paved!
Great video. Almost makes you pine for earlier times
Daniel Howland 1
I wonder what the ticket price is for that flight..
Ric Wernicke 1
Very cheap. They have so many catagories, see for yourself:

You have to be at the gate 10 minutes before fly time, and you are allowed 15Kgs luggage.

Not quite as cheap as KUL - BKK on LH 747 @ US$ 8!
Jeff Carey 1
Flying from La Paz to Santa Monica, we would stop for fuel (cheaper) at Mexicali, to to Calexico for customs. Left the gear down and it was about 20 mi. or less than 10 minutes.
Mark Panitz 1
what no secutry check
I tried to book this flight when I found I was free one Saturday afternoon in July, but they just laughed. Booking ahead is definitely recommended, well in July anyway!


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