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Bikini-Clad Dancers get Vietnamese Airline Fined

VietJetAir was fined 20m dong ($956; £611) by the Vietnam Government for having "violated local aviation regulations" by having a troupe of bikini-clad beauty contestants perform a Hawaiian-themed dance for Nha Trang-bound passengers. ( Más...

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glad to hear they are putting entertainment back on flights
Charge everyone $20 more for their ticket and bring on the dancers.... could be the highlight of the flight.... and for $30 you could get jello wrestling.....
Gene spanos 2
Wow....the mile high club - dancers for sure.
bob christman 2
...''ding dong the witch is dead,the witch is dead ,the witch is...''
Rob Claybrook 1
I'm failing to see any safety issues here.
Fenelon 1
20m dong! Not much to say to that.
Ric Wernicke -3
So American airlines get millon dollar fines for safety violations, while Viet Nam asks all of $1000. for FA's wearing Bikini tops and dancing. They claim to be a conservative country but they name their currency "Dong." Go figure.
Do you think dancing for 3 minutes warrants a million dollar fine?
phumflyer 0
Do you think the fine was actually 1+ million USD?
No, I read the article and post.
phumflyer 1
But then why did you ask your question, referencing a "million dollar fine"?
The first person to comment on the article was Ric Wernicke who said AA gets million dollar fines for safety violations, while Vietnam imposes $1000 for dancing.
I replied to his comment asking if 3 minutes of dancing warrants a million dollar fine.
Ric Wernicke 1
You guys need to lighten up. The post was tongue in cheek. I tell jokes, so if you think it might be funny, go ahead and laugh out loud, and think about it on the flight home. I was making fun of authority that looks for excuses to line their pockets. Many of the fines imposed by the FAA are excessive, and the safety violations are not life endangering. Things like impropper log bookkeeping or inspections done slightly late. The FAA fines are often reduced to paltry amounts that are equal to the severity of the infraction.
Maybe you didn't read my comment correctly. Phumflyer kept questioning me about $1000000, so I had to explain my comment in more detail. I'm not getting uptight about it...
preacher1 1
Kids Today!!!LOL
glenn bietz 1
Remember Vietnam is still communist and they have rules that cover public performances. The fine is for an "unapproved show" which tells me that the officials were just sore about not being informed so they could get seats and a free stuffed animal.
John Danzy 2
Yeah cuz "dong" means the same thing in Vietnamese as it does in English.

And what deserves a fine? Bikini dancing flight attendants or actual safety violations that put peoples lives in danger.

Are you a child?


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