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LAX officials detail plans for space shuttle Endeavour's arrival

Transporting a space shuttle through Los Angeles International Airport won't be a small endeavor. The Endeavour - NASA's youngest orbiter - is scheduled to ride piggyback on a Boeing 747 jetliner from Cape Canaveral in Florida to LAX in late September, where it will be kept for nearly two weeks before embarking on a painstakingly slow journey to the California Science Center, airport officials said Monday. ( Más...

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Nathan Quast 3
Awesome! Can't wait! It'l be just a short drive up the 405 to LAX to see it! :)
BC Hadley 1
Please take some photos to share with us.
Foxtrot789 1
Has anyone seen a time yet? Trying to figure out if I can squeeze this in on a lunch break?
Kira Andreola 0
I wonder what runway they will land on. Are either of the two by In n Out long enough or will they prefer the ones on the other side in view of the hill? Anyone have any guesses?
Jeff Lemon 1
Did you read the article? It clearly states what the arrival runway will be.


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