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The State With No Commercial Flights

With the thousands of flights that operate in and out of our nation’s airports every day, the thought of an entire state not seeing a single commercial flight seems absurd. The truth is, however, that only 49 of the United States see scheduled airline service. ( Más...

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Jeffrey Babey 7
Interesting story, thanks for the post.
AAaviator 3
I thought there was a Joe Biden Amnesty International Gaff-port there in his adopted state of Delaware...?
tim mitchell 1
hmmm....interesting....On here Dover is listed as private but on airnav it is listed as joint...I know the race teams use it other than it just looks like a popular spot for 747's
joe milazzo 1
I fly a Challenger out of New Castle and it's a great airport. The problem is PHL is only 1/2 hour away. On the other hand it would make a great releaf airport for PHL.
Lynn Fisk 1
Ok, I'll play the game, what about Rhode Island ? just wondering.......
tim mitchell 1
Green State Airport
Stephen Boyle 1
They missed Atlantic City also which I would not call a hub, but it has decent flights with the small airport amenities (short lines, cheap parking,etc)
tuba 1
When I saw that AC photo on the source story, I thought that meant that Canada was that poor flightless state. (I only thought that for a moment.)
Jeremy Kudlick -3
Interesting, but the image shows IAD near Quantico rather than near Herndon, and it places DCA inside Washington, DC. I know it isn't a professional image, but a site that claims to be "Your Source for Everything Aviation" should at least be able to proof something that simple.


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