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mark tufts 0
very god video
Wendell Smith 0
I'm glad he finally landed....I was whipped flying with him. Great find.
don seal 0
wish i was younger and had what it took :-)
Matt Haines 0
That has got to be the most fun a person can have, while clothed....
Amy Dillon 0
Very cool! If I ever looked up in the sky and saw this, I'd be concerned. But he obviously is an expert pilot!
Ignacio morillo 0
I wish to be there
Good he dint have to bail out, with the sholder harnesses down on his elbows .. :) great video!
Paolo Mariani 0
remembering the past... probably with the same cockpit smell... of course with quite different performances... same spirit.. nice video
kldfligtrrt 0
WOW my dream has always been to get in one of these type planes tell the pilot to make me sick. wish he would do another with minicam forward facing. But loved it played full screen on 50in tv in dark and surround sound system.
avman10s 0
Thanks for the share!
Two types of pilots. Those who have done what he gets to do and those who envy him. Great stuff.
Derfb 0
Thanks for sharing. Am I too old to enlist at 54?
El Kabong 0
Not knowing much about the F/A-18 platform, I have to ask.. during the high G turns, does the leading edge of the wings move forward to give more surface area for tighter turns, or was that just wing flex?


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