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Ouch: Etihad Criticizes A380 Pilots For Viral Crosswind Landing

Almost across the board you see praise for these pilots for the landing. Well, Etihad seems to disagree… ( Más...

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When Will The Production Of The Boeing 747 End?

Once upon a time, the Boeing 747 was the staple of the long haul flight. However, it’s been some years since it was seen in the USA. ( Más...

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Europe’s busiest airport hit by 2nd day of disruptions

LONDON: Europe’s busiest airport suffered the knock-on effects today of technical issues that disrupted travel over the weekend. About 60 arrivals at Heathrow Airport were disrupted, reflecting almost 10% of the total number. Those troubles come a day after some 130 flights airlines were canceled. ( Más...

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Green Africa firms up 2020 launch plans

Green Africa, Nigeria’s Lagos-based value airline, has added to the news that it has ordered fifty A220-300s from Airbus by also committing to lease an additional three of the aircraft from leasing company ( Más...

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Airport police use Taser on unruly traveler, but still need help from others to control him

Police say this all started with the report of a man shoving an airline employee. It then turned into two officers getting help from other passengers as the suspect, Jerome Toson Jr., fought back. ( Más...

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Donald Trump Doesn’t Want A Ban On Jet Engine Sales To China

President Donald Trump has indicated that he will not support a ban on jet engine sales to China ( Más...

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Brazil: Ponta Grossa and Foz do Iguaçu will win more flights connecting Sao Paulo

The support of the Government of Paraná (Brazil), the prefectures of Ponta Grossa and Foz do Iguaçu justified that the company's investment in the expansion of flights is due to the support that the cities offered and a return for the development of air operations... ( Más...

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Victoria light plane crash kills 4 at Mangalore, as planes collide mid-air

Australia’s first mid-air crash in more than a decade claimed four lives yesterday when two light planes on training flights collided high above central Victoria, tumbling in front of bewildered eyewitnesses. Emergency services staff found wreckage from both planes in separate locations on the ground near Seymour, about 120km north of Melbourne, with the victims trapped after the twin death spirals. ( Más...


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