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serge loth
Quel belle machine!!! dommage que ça soit marqué Red Bull sur ces beaux avions... Ca fait avion publicitaire...
robert kennington
Who didn't have one of these as a model?

Well, maybe Millennials...?
My fav airplane. R2800/2000hp.
F4U-4 under the rear stab. I'm not aware of ANY V-166's registered - that was a prototype designation only.
lorentz frachtling
Wonder how many folks know about the FG corsair, made by Goodyear? Pretty much the same bird except it had a updraft carburetor, on start up invariably dripped fuel on ground frequently starting a fire beneath the cowling. usually just blew out on rev up. otherwise someone had to be standing by with a extinguisher. Another annoying thing was that the electronics was mostly located behind the pilots protective armor plate which had to be removed for access to the gear, it was heavy.
Mark Heckman
Corsair / Whistling Death / Yes, certainly built a few of these models when I was a kid.
Beautiful looking airplane.
charles mccafferty
As a kid I had this, the Mustang, and the Lightning. I knew they were on the same side, but that didn't keep me from dog fighting them for hours. The imagination of a young boy.
Jim Loughner
I understand sponsorships, but I hate the Red Bull Logo and name on such an iconic plane.
Myles Marcovitch
Kid? I just finished an F4-1A kit in 1:32 that was wonderful. It was a terrific plane once they got it all figured out to land and take off from carriers. The F-35C had almost the same problem: too springy main gear that would bounce and not let it catch a wire. They solved that one too.
Myles Marcovitch - at the current retail prices of plastic scale aircraft model kits nowadays... and given the complexity of assembly and properly painting one... it's no longer a "kid's" hobby!
Stephen Walford
I agree with Jim Loughner, beautiful aircraft,hate the RB logo!
C.W. Reed
Excellent catch Andreas!! Even with Navy markings, reminds me of my round of golf with Gregory "Pappy" Boyington. Thank You, sir!
John Maior
A legendary aircraft, thanks for sharing Andreas!!
Dave Mathes
...Red Bull has all the best toys!...
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