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OAKLAND Centaurus (N500LN)


Howard 500


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Awesome plane and shot!
Beautiful Plane... Nice Pic!
Bill Bailey
This is a Howard 500, one of only 2 still flying, it was loosely based on a modified Lockheed PV-1 Ventura, but used only a few parts from that airplane, the rest was all new metal. The wing center section (which itself was modified) was about all that was used from the PV-1. It got a new fuselage, new wings and new tail feathers.

The Oakland Airmotive Centaurus was a modified Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon.
Nice shot though.
Dick Nieuwendyk
ian mcdonell
Beautiful aircraft, great photo thanks Andreas
Martin Allan
I really like these old birds; beautifully preserved too.
robert kennington
Its many variants—here:
William Johnson
I too agree what an awesome aircraft. I was based at KCMH Columbus Ohio back in the 70's where Schiff Shoe Company, Nationwide Insurance, and Oasis Corporation owned Howards. I had the opportunity to fly in Schiff's and Oasis's aircraft. Ray who flew for Schiff did a barrel roll over Lancaster Ohio where he lived. What a ride that was. I too miss the old Birds. If only these vintage Birds could tell their stories.
David Seider
It followed me home - can I keep it?
According to A/C reg info here on FA, this Howard is currently owned by TP Universal Exports Int'l LLC of Eagan, MN, USA
The Activity Log (below) shows a flight for N500LN originating and terminating at KANE (Anoka County/Blaine Muni), which is about as far away as you can get in the Twin Cities area.
KSTP (St. Paul Downtown) would be much more convenient from Eagan, IMO.
Landing fees?
jim gevay
Both flyable Howard 500s are based at the Anoka County airport, north of St Paul. They also have a Grumman Albatross, a Noorduyn Noresman and a Great Lakes biplane in the same hangar.
I get to see and hear them fly overhead on occasion in the summer months since I live nearby.

Yes, it's probably partly because of fees on why they're based at ANE instead of STP. Also, part of STP is in a flood prone area because of the Mississippi River, and there's plenty of room to build a private hangar at ANE.

Andreas StöcklPhoto Uploader
Thanks for your interesting comments!
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