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Douglas A-26 Invader (N4988N) - 64-17679 B-26K "Special Kay" at the 2019 Big Country Airfest in Abilene, Texas. Also designated an A-26A, rebuilt from a A-26B.
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Douglas A-26 Invader (N4988N)


64-17679 B-26K "Special Kay" at the 2019 Big Country Airfest in Abilene, Texas. Also designated an A-26A, rebuilt from a A-26B.


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Jim Metzger
I do believe that's a Douglas A-26B model (N4988N)
Sam CombsPhoto Uploader
It does say A-26B on the FAA registration, this one was rebuilt by On Mark as a B-26K, which was also designated the A-26A.
I'll let you guys fight yourselves. To us, she's Special Kay.
Sam CombsPhoto Uploader
No fight here, I’m no expert! Special Kay works for me.
a mentor
BOTH can be correct, as several A-26 were retyped as B-26 which conflicts with the Martin B-26 Marauder
serge LOTH
I flew once in 63 on B26 .... whaoo impressive.
Don Lynch
Very nice....
Larry Horton
Wing config is a little different on the A and B model. The A or attack version is this one. Note the wings are a little lower on the fuselage. The B or bomber designation has the wings coming off near the top. This is an A-26. When a youngsters I caught a ride with CAF Colonel Hill in an A-26 that was converted for civilian executive use. Heck of a ride in a high performance twin by a great pilot. Grew up a short distance from the original CAF in Harlingen. Would go out and do all kinds of grunt work in exchange for rides.
robert kennington
WWII, Korea, Vietnam:
"The final A-26 was retired from service in 1969 and the entire line was removed from service by 1972. Some 2,452 Invaders were produced. In all, 18 different countries operated the Invader at one time in civilian and military guises."
marylou anderson
What a great shot! Thanks.
NO. This is the ONLY flying A-26A Counter Invader. Rebuilt in 1964 from a Douglas A-26B it was redesignated the B26K. In another year or so it was again redesignated the A-26A so it could fly out of Thailand. You can see lots of video of Speical Kay on my Youtube channel "hawkeyepoole"
No matter what you call it, that's a great shot!
Keith Miller
She actually had two serial numbers. I do not have them on hand, but I just sat in a 2 day, 12 hour course at her museum learning about her and the A-26 sitting next to her: Night Mission.
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