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KAWASAKI EC-145 (1472336) - A U.S. military helicopter ascending off the ramp at Jack Edwards airport after stopping for fuel and (for the pilots) free food.
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KAWASAKI EC-145 (1472336)


A U.S. military helicopter ascending off the ramp at Jack Edwards airport after stopping for fuel and (for the pilots) free food.


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Greg Byington
Isaac, that's a very nice shot of a Eurocopter, UH-72A, Lakota. And from what I've been able to find out, it looks like the serial number is probably 14-72336. Active US military aircraft won't have an "N" number. If you just type in: 1472336, FA will leave the "N" off. And the aircraft type (ICAO) code is: EC45. That is because the military version is a copy of the civilian Eurocopter, EC 145. And, by the way, you have some really nice shots posted on FA. Keep up the great work!
Greg - I believe you are 100% correct on the U.S. Army s/n for this UH-72A Lakota. I did find a reference to 14-72336 as recorded on this site...


I have quoted said reference below, which was dated 04 Jan 2018...

"Army 72336 UH-72A 14-72336/36J 1-223Rd Avn"
Isaac VogelzangPhoto Uploader
Thank you Greg! I am not very familiar with military helicopters or helicopters in general so thanks for the advice.
Greg Byington
You're welcome, Isaac! And thanks for the info Cliff.
Greg - You are welcome!!! The UH-72 Lakota is manufactured at the Airbus Helicopter (née American Eurocopter) facility near Columbus, MS... adjacent to KGTR. Aurora Flight Sciences and Stark Aerospace are also located there.
Ailin Barron
Based on personal history, I would bet the 36J in big white letters on the engine cowling means it’s a Ft Rucker aircraft. Although it is missing the bright orange doors my training aircraft had, I would guess that’s a flight school student at the controls. Great picture.
Isaac VogelzangPhoto Uploader
Thank you Ailin! I did not have the chance to go over the pilots and talk with them at all but my friend who took my up in his RV-12 gave me some info on why they were coming. At the same time there was also another military pilot training in a small sport aircraft doing touch and goes(I did not recognize the aircraft type), but you could tell he was pretty new to flying as every time he approached he would come in way too high and then touch down at about midfield, but no problem to get back up in his small aircraft :)
Michael Sharritt
That is a training bird with Fort Rucker,all their aircraft have the last 2 of the serial number and letter painted white on them.They are replacing the TH-67A that Fort Rucker has has for many years now.
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