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Grumman G-51 Tigercat (NX700F)



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Paul Wisgerhof
If you are going to post a photo, for heavensakes identify the aircraft!! This is a Grumman F7F Tiger Cat. Used from 1945 through 1954 by the Marines and Navy.
Tim Marks
Great photo Ichiro of a rare bird, F7F Tigercat I believe.
Full Aircraft Ident: Grumman F7F-3P Tigercat, Naval Bu. No. 80390.
Leon Kay
Great photo, but without any comment. Thank you to the other clever subscribers for doing the identification. My guess would have been that it must be a Ford product, as it smokes as much as my Ford does :-).
John Rumble
Kermit Weeks had one - I wonder what happened to it?
David Seider
I've always loved the looks of the F7F - with those two (relatively) huge engines and that (relatively) tiny airframe! They look fast even when they're standing still!
Rod Ghearing
Got to see all FIVE Grumman "Cats" do a fly-by at an air show in Battle Creek, MI., many years ago. It was AMAZING!!! The F-14 was struggling to fly slow enough to stay in formation!! LOL!!
The pilot sits between those 2 R-2800s. Must have been a huge roar on take off.
John Muir
Here living in Southern California I got the great luck to see these great planes as firebombers. Watching them total action was the just awesome. My dad a Private Pilot used to fly me down to Hemet Ryan Airport so I can just stand up close to these airplanes and watch him load up with phos check or back then they call it borate. What a fantastic airplane I get to watch them each year out at Chino Air Show
J Sandusky
Never seen an F7F in the air before. Beautiful. We have a static in the museum here in Pensacola.
Roger Hyatt
This plane was also used in a utility squadron at Guantanamo Bay in the late 1950's.
voilà un Grumann que je ne connaissais pas.
Ichiro SugiokaPhoto Uploader
I never had so many comments for my photos before but it turns out many are for the fact that I forgot to tag the photo with info because I was processing so many from 2018 Chino Air Show. It took me a while to figure out the Flightaware's 4 character designation for a Grumman F7F Tigercat; TCAT seems to be the one used by most people.
Greg Byington
That's a great shot, Ichiro! In August ('18), I finally got to see a T-cat in the air. Man-o-man is it impressive! The sound is fantastic! Even on the ground it is pretty cool and a lot bigger than you might think. Anyway, nice job!
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