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Lockheed EC-121 Constellation (53-0554)


Pima Air & Space Museum, Tucson, AZ, 21 Apr 18. More from their website:

Manufacturer: LOCKHEED
Markings: 79th Airborne Warning and Control Squadron, Homestead AFB, Florida, 1974
Designation: EC-121T
Serial Number: 53-0554

The commercial success of the Constellation airliner led Lockheed to develop several larger versions of the aircraft. The most produced of these is the Model 1049 Super Constellation that featured a longer fuselage and more powerful engines. This version also proved to be a successful airliner and was one of the last long-range piston engine airliners to see service. Like its earlier cousins the 1049 attracted the attention of the U.S. military and served as transports and electronic warfare aircraft for both the Navy and Air Force. The RC-121D version was built for the Air Force as an airborne radar aircraft and entered service in 1953. They were upgraded several times and eventually were given the designation EC-121T in the early 1970s. The last of them left Air Force service in the late 1970s. In 1967, an EC-121 crew was responsible for the first successful airborne radar controlled interception of an enemy aircraft when they directed an Air Force fighter to a successful shoot-down of a North Vietnamese MiG-21.


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Greg ByingtonPhoto Uploader
I just want to point out that this is actually an EC-121 type Constellation. The only Aircraft Type code I have found for Connies is "CONI," and it always displays as an EC-121. So, this one really is.
Gary Schenauer
Just want to say ... Very much appreciate the added info, Greg. Some post pics but they just put anything ... ("Duh, it's not a car and, duh, it's not a train so, duh, it's a B-52!" lol) ... or they don't put anything at all because it takes too much time (30 to 90 seconds) to "Google it." (lol again) (The funniest ones are ones who post pics but don't even know where they were when they took it.) Getting back to serious ... Info always makes the pic more interesting to view -- so TYVM for including it. (Thumbs Up)
Greg ByingtonPhoto Uploader
Thanks Gary! Yeah, I always like to know the where/when/why/how, etc., too.
I flew on the EC121-H from Otis AFB and got 3000 hours as an Airborne Inertial Radar Nav Tech. We had to spend some missions flying out of Bermuda, which we all hated(grin0. Winters on Cape Cod were sometimes fierce.
Greg ByingtonPhoto Uploader
Very interesting, wb4ciz. Thanks for the info.
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