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Gus Valdivieso
Beautiful picture! What a lot of memories...... Love that kind of planes.
Charles Gaynor
LOVE THIS! How beautiful is the DC-3?? Thank you.
David Darrah
On my bucket list...PIC Type rating in the DC-3
Peter Crew
Great Pic!
Boy, does that picture bring back memories!!! The old Piedmont and Southern Airways!
My first commercial flight at age 6 in 1946, was a DC3 from Washington to California. Got airsick for the first and last time.
Joseph Edwards
I had to fly this airline back in the 70's, from Norfolk, Va. to DCA. Boy, I could write a book about that half hour.
Dave Sheehy
This picture was stolen from the Piedmont Aviation Historical Website.

Gary Schenauer
Sure 'nuff, Dave; it was swiped and then reposted under Jan Randle's name so Jan would get credit as the photographer. It is a shame that Jan has decided to start posting stolen photos because it appears that the first 15 or 16 pics in JR's folder were, in fact, taken by JR and they are darn good snaps. But, once a person succumbs to stealing, the sad truth is that he / she / they can no longer be trusted. So, in my book from now on ... Jan Randle = thief.
Also, Dave, just as an "good to know" bit of info ... Often, a person who steals another photographer's photo(s) and then reposts them as their own is unable to fill in data such as REG NUMBER or LOCATION or even AIRCRAFT TYPE ... because the person didn't take the pic so he / she doesn't know the info. When info like that is missing, it is frequently a tip-off that the pic is stolen. Some thieves try entering AIRPORT LOCATION codes to try and disguise the fact that they stole the photo, but what happens is that other FA members who live near those airports immediately ID the fact that it is not their airport. (There are several pics in my area airport folder that were definitely NOT taken there, so I instantly know that those photographers probably did not actually snap those pics.)
Dave Sheehy
Hi Gary-Yes, I recognized that pic because its on the Jet Piedmont Web site, where I am a member. I was a Piedmont line mechanic before were absorbed by US...what really bugs me is how it was stolen, then became a staff pick and was commented on repeatedly and seen in the FA newsletter with no mention of who the original photographer was. Ugh!
gwapo santa
remember this dakota berlin airlift and staging thru RAF Negombo in CEYLON 1958/60.. i was very young


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