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Boeing 737-200 (N712S)


Going back thru old file photos in my photo library and I found some I want to post into my FA folder ....
This is the first one. This shot was taken in 2013. N712S no longer flies for Sierra Pacific. It is now privately owned.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
This B732 flew for SPA until last year as one of only two aircraft in the airline's fleet. Today, just one year later, N712S has been WFU from SPA service and is privately owned; while Sierra Pacific has updated its livery, replaced this B732 with a newer Boeing, AND has added a third Boeing to its fleet.
Dave Sheehy
Excellent! Not many -200 pictures being added, thanks.
Tom Vance
How did you get your initials on the building? Gary Schenuaer Resort? This photo is so clear, not even a blur on the jet. 5x great shot Gman! Did you ever make it to Laughlin Airport?
Michael Enzmann
I have often wondered about the old days and how they got the 732s in the air with those JT8Ds. Hardly looks like the same bird after all the steroid injections. Completely forgot about the blended vertical stabilizer instead of the "gusseted" used today.
Uwe Zinke
Hi Gary!!
like wine. old and good.
greezings Uwe!!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Alien >> Nope. I've got two trips coming up, though. Another photo trip to So Cal and then back east to WNY (Western New York) this summer. Uwe and Dave >> Thanks, guys. (High Five) Michael >>. When they takeoff, if you are near the runway or underneath as they come past, those old JT8s make a fantastic crackling sound. That is true "aviation music." (grin) Uwe, Dave, Cliff, Greg, Mark ... Sending e/mail today.
Nice. Way back when Western used to fly these with S/O (checklist reader). 3 people crammed in cockpit.
Great shot Gary! It was a real treat to see N712S and N703S together picking up soldiers at KSLN.
Good to see the old tin cans!
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Fecha Aeronave Origen Destino Salida Llegada Duración
22-10-2019 UnknownInt'l Juan Manuel Gálvez ()Int'l Toncontín () 02:00PM CST 02:29PM CST 0:28
22-10-2019 UnknownInt'l Toncontín ()Int'l Juan Manuel Gálvez () 09:09AM CST 09:45AM CST (?) 0:36
20-10-2019 UnknownInt'l Juan Manuel Gálvez ()Int'l Toncontín () 04:09PM CST 04:36PM CST 0:26
20-10-2019 UnknownInt'l Toncontín ()Int'l Juan Manuel Gálvez () 07:21AM CST 07:50AM CST 0:29
18-10-2019 UnknownInt'l Juan Manuel Gálvez ()Int'l Toncontín () 01:21PM CST 01:48PM CST 0:27
18-10-2019 UnknownInt'l Toncontín ()Int'l Juan Manuel Gálvez () 08:16AM CST 08:47AM CST 0:30
17-10-2019 UnknownInt'l Toncontín ()Int'l Juan Manuel Gálvez () 07:19AM CST 07:51AM CST 0:31
15-10-2019 UnknownInt'l Juan Manuel Gálvez ()Int'l Toncontín () 02:19PM CST 02:48PM CST 0:28
15-10-2019 UnknownInt'l Toncontín ()Int'l Juan Manuel Gálvez () 08:59AM CST 09:29AM CST 0:29
13-10-2019 UnknownInt'l Juan Manuel Gálvez ()Int'l Toncontín () 01:35PM CST 02:03PM CST 0:27
10-10-2019 UnknownInt'l Juan Manuel Gálvez ()Int'l Toncontín () 01:00PM CST 01:26PM CST 0:25
10-10-2019 UnknownInt'l Toncontín ()Int'l Juan Manuel Gálvez () 08:50AM CST 09:21AM CST 0:31
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