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Dassault Falcon 50 (N96UT) - Backtaxiing down runway 16L at Reno Tahoe International, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton
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Dassault Falcon 50 (N96UT)


Backtaxiing down runway 16L at Reno Tahoe International, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's chartered Dassault Falcon 50 passes a pair of B757s and a DC-10 as it is about to make an early morning departure following Ms. Clinton's overnight stay in Reno.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Ms. Clinton had made two public rally appearances in Reno on the previous day ( 15 Feb, 2016; President's Day); the second appearance being an evening rally at Truckee Meadows Community College. I had to get up well before sunrise in order to be in this position to catch her rather discreet early morning departure ... just an innocuous GA Dassault Falcon backtaxiing down the runway (taxiway Charlie, which is almost directly under my position and which parallels runway 16L-34R, is closed). The only indications that N96UT was transporting someone of "importance" were that it had been parked overnight INSIDE a hangar and the large group of well-dressed men and women surrounding the lady who boarded it. But although the outside of this aircraft looks "plain enough," the interior is anything BUT plain. It is tricked out quite nicely inside.
Bernie Sanders, who was here the day before Ms. Clinton, travels in a different environment. He flies in a chartered Eastern pax bird ... N280EA.
Gary... that's a great catch. Not surprisingly, this aircraft's "activity log" here is cloaked...

"This aircraft (N96UT) is not available for tracking per request from the owner/operator."
Greg Byington
Nice job!
Dwight Hartje
Excellent catch, Gary!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Greg and Dwight >> Thanx, guys. ;-)
Cliff, Thank you too. And as a PS >> I caught Eastern's N280EA making its second visit here last Friday. Fabulous shots of it landing. Then I met the Captain and F/O and I had a close-up walk-around photo opportunity. Finally, I got it during a sunset departure. Gorgeous livery colors; the famous "hockey stick" paint. I'll get a pic up soon.
Greg Byington
That sounds great. I'm looking forward to it!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hi, Greg. I'll definitely post a snap of that super sharp-looking EAL soon. I just need some free time to get to doing it. I've been (just about) "camping out" at RNO; the Democratic caucus brought Bernie, Bill, and Hillary; tomorrow's Republican caucus brought Dr. Ben, Ted Cruz, and Rubio today. D. Trump arrives tomorrow AM. I've caught all of them arriving and departing. Plus, unexpected bonuses ... Marine F-18s (one doing a 'burner departure as it was getting dark), a Navy Tiger shooting T&Gs just after sunrise, other warbirds. I've spent just under 27 hours spotting at RNO (Fri, Sat, and today) and I'll be back there tomorrow very early AM to catch DT arriving and leaving. Over 2500 clicks (thus far) to sort thru after tomorrow. I'm rather exhausted (up before dawn; back home around nightfall) but it is worth every moment!! I'll share some soon. (Thumbs up)
Gary, I'm looking forward to an opportunity to view those photos!!!
Greg Byington
Gary, I love your pictures but don't overdo it! Looking forward to seeing what you have, though!


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