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BOEING 727-200 (N727US) - JUS's N727US (ex American Airlines as N715AA and ex Capital Cargo International as N715AA), a B722, sits on the November Ramp for a daytime rest at RNO.br /(Photo taken one month ago: 5 Jun 2020)
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BOEING 727-200 (N727US)


JUS's N727US (ex American Airlines as N715AA and ex Capital Cargo International as N715AA), a B722, sits on the November Ramp for a daytime rest at RNO.
(Photo taken one month ago: 5 Jun 2020)


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
This bird is 38 years old (msn 22470, 8/81).
Always is, and always will be, a thrill to spot a classic Boeing tri-holer.
Darryl Sarno
Great catch of the original workhorse Gary! I have not photographed this bird so thank you for sharing! 5 *'s and many more for this classic!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Darryl >>> Yes, you have photographed this one. You posted a pic of it nine years ago.
Taken at BOS. Was wearing Capital Cargo paint when you snapped it.
(Link is here ....

Hey, RW, how are things down in San Antone? Hope all is well. Gotta get caught up on your recent posts. Been away, and it is easy to fall behind. TY for the comment.
Gavin Hughes
Didn't know whose shot it was in the thumbnail it just looked like a damn good pic. Great photo Gary and isn't it good to see some still flying.
Diana Rose
A great plane, still is; flew on many, San Juan><Miami route back in the 70's...Pan Am. Seats in rear are quite noisy but if you want to parachute out, there's the ubiquitous rear door exit.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Gavin ... Thank you again. Diana ... TY for commenting. I agree with you 100%; Boeing's tri is indeed a great plane. Ever since D.B. Cooper did his parachute leap from Northwest's 727, those aft airstairs were reconfigured so they could not be lowered while the bird was airborne, but I'm sure some 21st century whiz kid could figure out how to do it. (lol)
RWB ... Sorry to hear the virus is expanding its impact there. Here in NV, our governor likes to make everyone believe that the city of Las Vegas IS the entire state, so he rattles on and on about how the virus is growing, etc. Actually, anywhere else EXCEPT in Las Vegas, the virus is present (of course) but there is no crisis as he loves to imply to the residents. As for your pics from 22, absolutely FANTASTIC photos!! Each and every one is powerful photography! Totally superb captures!! Here at RNO, our main (and longest) runway, 16R-34L (soon to be 17R-35L), is closed for the summer so everything lands on the parallel, and I have access to the edge of that parallel runway. So I'm taking advantage of that while I can. Please keep your excellent pics coming. Always 5 star snaps (actually, yours are always far better than 5 star). C ya!
jim garrity
I enjoyed my time in the "three-Holer",it was like flying a truck!
Tom Vance
Fabulous 727 pic Gman...!!! 5x as usual!
Robert Lloyd
A great airplane. I flew in many 727s back in the 70s-80s. On a BN flight DAL-AMA many years ago I sat next to an AA pilot deadheading home. He told me the 727 was the only plane flying (at the time) that had enough wing and enough power to make up time in the air following a late departure. He also said landing it wasn’t particularly easy—you just timed your trim and speed to stall when you came in low over the numbers and it dropped like a rock. It’s my understanding this is the last commercial aircraft designed with slide-rules (pre-computer). Or....everything he told me was a lie and I was just a kid listening in awe to his tales.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Alien ... Thanx, Tom. (Wave) Jim and Robert ... One of the reasons I like either posting my old photos of, or getting captures of, the first era of jetliners or even the old propliners is because it is great when folks reminisce about their experiences as pilots or as passengers just as both of you and Diana did here. My sincere Thanks to all three of you for sharing your remembrances.
EPIC snap of a classic metal Gary. Well done !
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Fecha Aeronave Origen Destino Salida Llegada Duración
27-01-2022 B722Niagara Falls Intl ()Willow Run () 01:05PM EST 01:57PM EST 0:52
27-01-2022 B722El Paso Intl ()Niagara Falls Intl () 06:29AM MST 11:32AM EST 3:03
27-01-2022 B722Willow Run ()El Paso Intl () 03:07AM EST 04:27AM MST 3:20
25-01-2022 B722Int'l de Greenville-Spartanburg ()Willow Run () 09:06PM EST 10:25PM EST 1:18
25-01-2022 B722Int'l de Laredo ()Int'l de Greenville-Spartanburg () 04:53PM CST 07:59PM EST 2:05
25-01-2022 B722Queretaro Intercontinental Airport ()Int'l de Laredo () 02:35PM CST 03:41PM CST 1:05
25-01-2022 B722Int'l de Laredo ()Queretaro Intercontinental Airport () 10:52AM CST 12:05PM CST (?) 1:13
22-01-2022 B722Int'l Del Bajío ()Int'l de Laredo () 12:07PM CST 01:12PM CST 1:04
22-01-2022 B722Willow Run ()Int'l Del Bajío () 05:24AM EST 08:27AM CST 4:03
21-01-2022 B722Int'l de Greenville-Spartanburg ()Willow Run () 02:59AM EST 04:08AM EST 1:08
20-01-2022 B722Int'l de Laredo ()Int'l de Greenville-Spartanburg () 03:07AM CST 06:12AM EST 2:04
20-01-2022 B722Int'l de Puebla ()Int'l de Laredo () 12:31AM CST 01:45AM CST 1:14
19-01-2022 B722Brownsville Intl ()Int'l de Puebla () 07:02PM CST 08:05PM CST 1:02
18-01-2022 B722Int'l Del Bajío ()Brownsville Intl () 12:04PM CST 01:03PM CST 0:58
18-01-2022 B722Int'l de Laredo ()Int'l Del Bajío () 08:12AM CST 09:16AM CST 1:03
18-01-2022 B722Willow Run ()Int'l de Laredo () 03:09AM EST 05:09AM CST 2:59
14-01-2022 B722Int'l de Greenville-Spartanburg ()Willow Run () 09:52PM EST 11:16PM EST 1:23
14-01-2022 B722Int'l de Laredo ()Int'l de Greenville-Spartanburg () 05:57PM CST 09:05PM EST 2:07
14-01-2022 B722Queretaro Intercontinental Airport ()Int'l de Laredo () 03:36PM CST 04:45PM CST 1:09
14-01-2022 B722Mc Allen Miller Intl ()Queretaro Intercontinental Airport () 12:05PM CST 01:02PM CST 0:56
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