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Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star (N377JP)


Owned by the Planes Of Fame Air Museum (Chino, CA), this T-33 (N377JP / NX377JP), seen here as it is about to land on Runway 26, performed as the Pace Plane for the Unlimited Class races at the 2019 NCAR last September. It's a gorgeous aircraft and some day I hope to be able to get a chance to get a closeup peek (and perhaps a couple of photos) inside the cockpit. The Planes Of Fame Museum is within striking distance for a two-person "banzai photo trip" from Reno so I might make it over there to see FA Member a mentor and this superb Shooting Star.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Because it was in the early afternoon, the sun was overhead and slightly to the southwest when this was clicked so my spotting location on Taxiway Bravo at the intersection of Runways 14-32 and 26-8 meant that I was on the shaded side of the aircraft as they were landing. But I certainly wasn't complaining. Not at all! Even tho they were backlit, it was a fantastic location because they swept right past me only 80 or so feet away. I was the only photog at this position which was the closest spot that anyone had to the aircraft as they touched down on 26. My most sincere Thanx to Ms. M., Kim, Mike S., Trish, and Scott for getting me to this unique location.
Gavin Hughes
A great pic of a great old bird and who cares about shadow sides when you have a classic like this!
Alan Brown
Great photo from a great event!!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Gavin & Alan >> Thanx to both of you. Glad you liked the pic. Alan >>> Any chance you'll be attending this year? We could link up for a brew or two.
Greg Byington
serge LOTH
Gary this is a great picture of a T.BIRD as you do usually.. .Moreover I love that aircraft on which I flew when I was in the Air Force.. Extraordinary endurance… Good for my PC screen office.
bill Hanley
Please bear with my lack of knowledge but is the T-33 the same as the F-80 Shooting Star?
Timothy McDonnell
@bill Hanley The T-33 was developed from the F-80 Its a bit longer and or course has that second seat among other changes.
ken kemper

Just an all-round spectacular action shot of a Beauty !!
Anyone remember the 1960 film "The Crowded Skies"?
Yes to "The Crowded Skies". I have a hangar at Chino so I see this bird often.
Don Kessler
What a nice looking airplane.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Greg & Don ... Thanks for your comments, guys.
Serge ... You piloted one of these? That's awesome!! (Tipping my cap to you) And my sincere Thanks for the compliment about the pic.
Ken ... Once again, I very much appreciate a compliment from a photog as outstanding as yourself. Thank you very much, Ken.
Lightdr05 ... I don't think I am familiar with it. Now I simply must research it to learn about it. (Wave)
Hey, fholbert ... You're at Chino, too? Do you know "a mentor" there? He is also from that area. I'm going to have to set up a road trip, come on down, and meet you guys. (Two thumbs up)
Bill H >>> Nothing to forgive. The best way to learn is to ask. Tim M. >> TY for replying to Bill.
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