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Lockheed C-130 Hercules (N21095) - This was unexpected!br /br /A U.S.A.F. LC-130 Hercules of the New York Air National Guard.
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Lockheed C-130 Hercules (N21095)


This was unexpected!

A U.S.A.F. LC-130 Hercules of the New York Air National Guard.


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Michael McMurtrey
This is not "N21095" but rather USAF 92-1095, Lockheed C-130H Hercules MSN 382-5405. Converted to LC-130H.
LC 130 skibird
KZ Bell
Pretty handy to have skis in Vegas
KZ Bell
Pretty handy to have skis in Vegas
They're a long way from Schenectady
George General
What a great shot. I used to fly on the D models that these replaced (converted A's with three blade props). Sure brings back memories. Thank you!!
Richard Ashley
Departing Las Vegas on skis........wonder if he is headed to Mt. Charleston to catch some fresh powder
James Banas
Did this back in the early 1970's out of Elmendorf AFB, AK and over to Sondrestrom, Greenland. Yes, "A" models converted to skis and called "D" models. Most were 1957 models. Got 43 ski landings in my logbook.
Michael: The site does not recognize the military tail numbers format and we have to put it in as an "N"number. I had that same thing a number of months ago with a picture of my O-2A
Gary Schenauer
The site does indeed recognize the military tail numbers format. The military tail number (the entire number, not just a partial) must be entered DURING the initial upload process. Mike McMurtrey is correct; if the complete / proper military tail number (921095) had been entered during the upload, it would have been recognized and accepted. There are thousands of military aircraft photos in the gallery that show the correct military reg numbers. The only requirement is that the uploader must know the entire number and because the Air Force does not display the first reg number on its aircraft, that usually takes a few moments of research to determine. United States military aircraft regs never begin with an "N." It isn't a factor here unless future viewers run a TAIL NUMBER search in the gallery ... this photo will not appear when the real reg number (921095) is searched.
BTW, this is an outstanding cap and snap, Valen. *****
Art Troutman
"George General" The A's (and D's) have 4-bladed props - not 3-bladed.
>>> Art Troutman... "General George" is correct... there were A and D models of the C-130 fitted with three bladed props.
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