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Alan Brown
Great photo, thanks.
Ronnie B.
Absolutely beautiful.
This looks so much like a hand drawn picture that it's hard to imagine it's a photograph, but then you look at the clouds and it's evident that it is a photo. Very interesting!
Peter West
Terrific image - was this taken by you JT? Our business has run several Beech's including a Beech 18 tail dragger back in the 60's so this is very sentimental, especially as Beech is now part of Textron Cessna.
Bill Mortensen
How old are the photos? FAA info says is a Turbo Prop!
Wayne Brown
These were still flying cargo in Alaska back in the 1970's Called the bamboo bomber.
The Bamboo Bomber was the Cessna T-50 or Crane if you're Canadian, and had a single tail. This plane is a Beech 18.
Mike Yorke
Makes great wallpaper shot.New 23" monitor makes it fly right off the screen.
richard strizver
This photo reminds me of the old TV show called "Sky King". Great show and a great plane.
Ronald McDonald
Sky King with Penny every Sat. morning. Also looks like the plane James Bond and Jaws were on.
Robert Lloyd
"From out of the blue of the western sky....comes Sky King!" A part of my childhood in the 50s.
The main character in the t.v. series "Sky King" piloted a Cessna T-50 twin before switching to a newer Cessna 310 twin. Both used a "Songbird" moniker. Beech's Model 18 somewhat resembles the Cessna T-50... but it was not the "other star" of the t.v. series!
Nate Rasband
Jason Belanger
Very pretty!
Jan Timmers
Timeless picture
Robert Seccombe
The Beech 18 was seen occasionally in the late 50s series "The Bob Cummings Show" where Cummings played a sophisticated bachelor photographer and pilot operating in Hollywood, California. Don't miss "Dial M for Murder" either.
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