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Mooney Aircoupe (N94805)


Amboy, CA on route 66!


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Raymond Puff
I wonder what the occasion was to have airplanes landing on the road. Some special fly in? Great picture!
Ageless. Very good picture.
Ed McCorduck
According to, there are two gravel landing strips, remnants of an older airfield, running nearly to the parking lot of the pictured establishment, and fly-ins and taxis to the Route 66 roadway are apparently common.
Walter Hankinson
This is not a Mooney Aircoupe. I wish you folks would do your homework. N94805 is a 1948 415-E, built 10 years before Mooney had anything to do with the type. It was built by Sanders Aviation.
My first memories of flying around age 4 or 5 we're in my Dad's Ercoupe. Great memories and a great aircraft!
My parents had an Ercoupe just after WW2 in San Diego; both flew. Within a few years, they up-sized to a 4-passenger Navion. Ercoupe was fun to fly in, but really slow.

After they upgraded to the Navion, my mother flew in the Powder Puff Derby transcontinental race (unknown to both, one of the competitors was a woman who would become my third stepmother many years later. She had been a bomber ferry pilot during WW2.)
One more bucket list item, not necessarily on a 48 Ercoupe. Great shot.
jim garrity
Just a Great picture!
I knew the owner of N94805 in the late 70's and rode in it. The owner was Major Chuck Revell (Blay 37). He was an C-141 instructor pilot at Altus AFB OK. Even them that looked like that. Won several awards at OSH. I was admiring the photo when I noted the tail number.

I've piloted a Mooney Cadet in 1972 (Mooney Aircoupe) it had one backwards Mooney tail, not two, N9795M IIRC
Great picture, gave it Five Stars!
marylou anderson
A calendar shot! very pretty.
love the reflection of the hills and opposite side of the road.
James GoodPhoto Uploader
Thank you for all the nice comments. Walter, I own N94805, and I know it's not a Mooney. I just put the ICAO type 'ERCO' in to this site, and for some reason it displays as Mooney. I'm guessing because Mooney were the last manufacturer of the type.
James GoodPhoto Uploader
FHobert - wow, would you happen to have any pictures, or information on N94805 in the late 70's, I'd be super interested. I looked and saw his entries in my log books!
James GoodPhoto Uploader
FHobert, I've been in contact with Major Rovell, and we've spoken for hours. He's sent me photographs and even a painting of N94805. Thank you very much for mentioning his name, and getting us in contact.
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