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McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle (00-3002) - Climbing on the Burn into the damp air at RIAT17.
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McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle (00-3002)


Climbing on the Burn into the damp air at RIAT17.


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Lewis Tripp
Great shot Martin. 5 for sure.
Tom Heaverlo
Awesome photo Martin!
Ed Schijf
Superb picture and what a power!!!
Leon Kay
Well done with a very good photo.
David Seider
If (ha!) I were to pilot one of these, I don't think that I would ever get over the feeling of "Wwwhhhheeeeeeeeee!".
Joe Wood
I've been in the back seat for a augmented takeoff, and I can tell you five stages of after burner from a standing stop to "coming off the ground" in 800 feet is a surprisingly refreshing kick in the a..!!
John Ryan
Balls 30
Bill Crawford
Great picture. Brings chills to me! What a ride.
Joseph Immermann
I think we need a number six star for this shot! Well done.
Don Lynch
The only thing better would have been in the driver's seat.
Robert Rinehuls
Was this photoshopped?
Claude Picard
Very nice picture. Any video per chance?
Primitivo Figueroa
Karl Leite
Doug Cook
Our tax dollars at work, let's elect someone willing to read?
This is a cool picture!!!
I joined the USAF and went through OTS in my dream to fly this incredible machine. Still dreaming. Incredible shots like this do such aircraft justice. Wow!
Martin DightonPhoto Uploader
Thanks Lewis
Martin DightonPhoto Uploader
Cheers Tom
Martin DightonPhoto Uploader
Thanks for your comment Ed.
Martin DightonPhoto Uploader
Thanks for the well done Leon.
Martin DightonPhoto Uploader
Cheers Corsair.
Martin DightonPhoto Uploader
Yup...it's a kick in the pants Joe !
Martin DightonPhoto Uploader
Thanks John Ryan.
Martin DightonPhoto Uploader
Thanks for your comment Bill.
Martin DightonPhoto Uploader
Pleased you like the pic Joseph.
Martin DightonPhoto Uploader
I agree Don...cheers.
Martin DightonPhoto Uploader
Hi Robert, No the image was not photoshopped...the vortex was caused by the damp weather.
Martin DightonPhoto Uploader
Thanks Claude...sorry no video.
Martin DightonPhoto Uploader
Thanks Primitivo for your cool comment!
Martin DightonPhoto Uploader
Cheers Karl for your amazing comment.
Martin DightonPhoto Uploader
Thanks for your comment Doug.
Martin DightonPhoto Uploader
Thanks for your cool pic Nycsic.
Martin DightonPhoto Uploader
Thanks for your Wow Robert !
doug ogle
Yep! Hands down Aced it. Perfect capture of an epic fighter. Well done.
John Stringham
That is one of the coolest pictures on this site. Love the F-15!
Lonnie Penner
If i were to fly one of these, my neighbors would request that my ‘wings’ be taken away...and that i replace all their windows. Yup, i’d loose my wings!! Wicked capture!!
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