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Fairchild-Republic Thunderbolt 2 (80-0241)
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Fairchild-Republic Thunderbolt 2 (80-0241)



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Al Bauer
Excellent shot of a fantastic plane
Still an amazing war machine.
How in the world is an F-35 going to replace THAT!
Ray Greaves
Nothing but a Warthog could replace a Warthog. Nothing else can provide the ground support that these aircraft can provide and the US would be cutting off an arm by scrapping them.
Devin Swanson
To think they wanted to mothball this beauty. The perfect close contact aircraft ever built
Eat lead!
john cook
Eat Depleted uranium
For such a weird design for a plane, it sure is sexy. Great shot.
Charles Gaynor
Great shot... Great warbird! In the “olden days”, I used to see the 10’s being pushed across Conklin Avenue (NYSR 24) from Republic’s assembly shop on the south side of the street to the paint sho on the north. Bigger, taller bird than it looks! A true and literal traffic stopper!
David Seider
David Seider
Habujet - Was this pic taken at Hawgsmoke?
Best picture of an A-10 on Flightaware! 5*
Does anyone know if the brass is stored inside the tail? Don't see the trail of brass out the back.
David Sims
Moonmullens, Most modern gun equipped fighters retain the empty brass in the magazine for the gun. I've heard it is done both for weight and balance, and to reduce the possibility of FOD.
Thanks David, last time I was up close during gun target practice, a F105, you could see the trail of brass before you would hear the report from the gun... a long time ago. I still have one of the shells.
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