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Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress (N7227C) - Texas Raiders
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Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress (N7227C)


Texas Raiders


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Greg Byington
Great shot, Ron!
Ron HarperPhoto Uploader
Thank you!
Well timed and posted, Ron! 5*
ian mcdonell
very nicely framed
Great contrast well done. Happy Veterans Day.
Ron HarperPhoto Uploader
Thanks to everyone!
serge LOTH
Nice Shot Ron!! that's an aircraft!!! I lflew personnally on the "Pink Lady" now grounded in La Ferté.(France)
Quite a bird. Dear Old Dad (RIP)was an engine mech on the 1830 at Bradley Field (KBFD) during WWII. He would tell me they would come back from Europe all shot-up he would overhaul engines and send them back. It's amazing some are still airworthy.
roland pfeifer
I always wished during WWII when I was about 5 or 6 years old that I was old enough to fly one of these, But they didn't let kids that young go to war.OH WELL Now 81 & to late.
Jack Mabry
A beautiful warbird, that shot a heck of a lot of Luftwaffe fighters out of the sky.
James Fassinger
Really Great Plane never let them die.
Michael Rogers
one of my favorite planes from WW2.. GREAT SHOT
Neil Klapthor
Beautiful shot Ron! My favorite old warbird.

My father-in-law was on his very first mission as a copilot on a B17 over Italy when they were hit by flak. Everyone was able to bail out and the plane flew on, eventually crashing into a large volcanic lake (Lake Bolsena). About 4 years ago, Italian researchers discovered and raised the ball turret gun from about 300 feet down, almost totally intact, guns weren't even bent. Further research was able to identify and match the crew with that aircraft and we learned all the stories of what happened to them all after bailout. Fascinating stuff.
Dennis Bishop
Lucky background on this shot. Nice Touch Ron!
James Wallace
This airplane brought the 3rd Reich to its knees I just a few years.God Bless the men that flew it and the Americans who built it
jesse kyzer
1944 BOEING B-17G
THANK YOU! to everyone who help keep these Ol birds flying.
William Owens
This cool B-17 lived at the airport I worked at for 25 years... Hooks near Tomball TX.
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Fecha Aeronave Origen Destino Salida Llegada Duración
20-06-2021 UnknownHouston Ellington ()Conroe-North Houston Rgnl () 06:17PM CDT 06:46PM CDT 0:28
20-06-2021 UnknownHouston Ellington ()Houston Ellington () 04:38PM CDT 05:07PM CDT 0:29
20-06-2021 UnknownHouston Ellington ()Houston Ellington () 11:15AM CDT 11:45AM CDT 0:30
19-06-2021 UnknownHouston Ellington ()Houston Ellington () 04:46PM CDT 05:19PM CDT 0:32
19-06-2021 UnknownHouston Ellington ()Houston Ellington () 03:34PM CDT 04:03PM CDT 0:28
19-06-2021 UnknownHouston Ellington ()Houston Ellington () 10:53AM CDT 11:26AM CDT 0:32
18-06-2021 UnknownHouston Ellington ()Houston Ellington () 03:40PM CDT 04:07PM CDT 0:27
18-06-2021 UnknownConroe-North Houston Rgnl ()Houston Ellington () 12:28PM CDT 01:01PM CDT 0:33
09-06-2021 UnknownConroe-North Houston Rgnl ()Conroe-North Houston Rgnl () 04:34PM CDT 04:52PM CDT 0:17
09-06-2021 UnknownConroe-North Houston Rgnl ()Conroe-North Houston Rgnl () 04:06PM CDT 04:14PM CDT 0:07
09-06-2021 UnknownConroe-North Houston Rgnl ()Conroe-North Houston Rgnl () 03:48PM CDT 03:57PM CDT 0:09
09-06-2021 UnknownConroe-North Houston Rgnl ()Conroe-North Houston Rgnl () 02:45PM CDT 03:37PM CDT 0:51
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