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Airbus A321 (HA-LXD)


Over the Danube, todays air show on Budapest.


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Adrian Kissane
Maria BruschaPhoto Uploader
Thank you Adrian!
Gary Schenauer
WoW! This is my personal fave but the entire set of three snaps is 5*+. Wonderful captures!
Ronnie B.
Fantastic photo!
It is rare to get a plane flying from that angle with an urban backdrop at eye altitude.
Gavin Hughes
Wow - how lucky you are to even get this kind of opportunity - great shot too!
Maria BruschaPhoto Uploader
Thank you guys, for these suberb compliments! Yes Gavin, I'm lucky to have time visit the capital city in that particular day, but the sun could be better. Unfortunately only was rainclouds on sky. Ozark, absolutely, this angle is unique and rare and we have only two events per year to practice :-) Gary, thank you, this is my favourite too.
Greg Byington
Very, very nice!
Maria BruschaPhoto Uploader
Thank you Greg!
Don Ridgeway
Great pic
Maria BruschaPhoto Uploader
Thanks Don!
Bror Monberg
I feel like I am right there! Very nice.
jim garrity
Great shot, boy do those buildings in the background bring out the color's of the plane!Were you in another building to take such a level shot?
Maria BruschaPhoto Uploader
Thank you Bror, feels like that way.
Maria BruschaPhoto Uploader
Well Jim, I was in a hill sight called Hill Gellért, and that's the way I could take this pic as it is, I had a clear view to the incoming plane.
Philip Terpstra
Excellent shot!
Maria BruschaPhoto Uploader
Thank you Philip!
Wazim Shakeer
mike prendergast
Just found this Great photo Maria.and beautifully cropped!!
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Fecha Aeronave Origen Destino Salida Llegada Duración
04-08-2020 A321Nápoles-Capodichino ()Viena () 03:09PM CEST 04:39PM CEST 1:29
04-08-2020 A321Viena ()Nápoles-Capodichino () 12:28PM CEST 01:53PM CEST 1:25
03-08-2020 A321Cerca de ViennaViena () First seen 11:03PM CEST 11:12PM CEST 0:09
03-08-2020 A321Int'l Eleftherios Venizelos ()Viena () 10:16PM EEST 11:06PM CEST 1:50
03-08-2020 A321Viena ()Int'l Eleftherios Venizelos () 06:21PM CEST 09:07PM EEST 1:46
03-08-2020 A321Bremen ()Viena () 03:26PM CEST 04:41PM CEST 1:15
03-08-2020 A321Viena ()Bremen () 01:25PM CEST 02:37PM CEST 1:12
02-08-2020 A321Cerca de BratislavaViena () First seen 11:06PM CEST 11:22PM CEST 0:15
02-08-2020 A321Int'l Eleftherios Venizelos ()Viena () 10:28PM EEST 11:21PM CEST 1:53
02-08-2020 A321Viena ()Int'l Eleftherios Venizelos () 06:22PM CEST 09:10PM EEST 1:48
02-08-2020 A321Burgas ()Viena () 04:18PM EEST 04:55PM CEST 1:36
02-08-2020 A321Viena ()Burgas () 12:48PM CEST 03:16PM EEST 1:28
01-08-2020 A321Cerca de Gyor, PerViena () First seen 11:08PM CEST 11:31PM CEST 0:23
01-08-2020 A321Int'l Eleftherios Venizelos ()Viena () 10:37PM EEST 11:27PM CEST 1:50
01-08-2020 A321Viena ()Int'l Eleftherios Venizelos () 06:39PM CEST 09:25PM EEST 1:46
01-08-2020 A321Oslo-Gardermoen ()Viena () 03:16PM CEST 05:16PM CEST 1:59
01-08-2020 A321Viena ()Oslo-Gardermoen () 12:16PM CEST 02:18PM CEST 2:02
01-08-2020 A321Cerca de KastoriaViena () First seen 08:53AM CEST 10:14AM CEST 1:21
01-08-2020 A321Viena ()Cerca de Kastoria 06:17AM CEST Last seen 07:24AM CEST 1:07
31-07-2020 A321Barcelona ()Viena () 06:44PM CEST 08:36PM CEST 1:51
31-07-2020 A321Viena ()Barcelona () 03:29PM CEST 05:28PM CEST 1:58
31-07-2020 A321Cerca de ViennaViena () First seen 11:47AM CEST 11:53AM CEST 0:06
31-07-2020 A321Valencia ()Viena () 09:38AM CEST 11:53AM CEST 2:15
31-07-2020 A321Viena ()Valencia () 06:21AM CEST 08:32AM CEST 2:11
30-07-2020 A321Málaga ()Viena () 03:04PM CEST 05:48PM CEST 2:44
30-07-2020 A321Viena ()Málaga () 11:02AM CEST 01:56PM CEST (?) 2:53
29-07-2020 A321Barcelona ()Viena () 08:47PM CEST 10:34PM CEST 1:47
29-07-2020 A321Viena ()Barcelona () 05:26PM CEST 07:31PM CEST 2:04
29-07-2020 A321Bari-Palese ()Viena () 03:17PM CEST 04:31PM CEST 1:13
29-07-2020 A321Viena ()Bari-Palese () 01:07PM CEST 02:20PM CEST 1:13
28-07-2020 A321Int'l de Keflavík ()Viena () 04:29PM GMT 10:26PM CEST 3:57
28-07-2020 A321Viena ()Int'l de Keflavík () 01:33PM CEST 03:22PM GMT 3:48
27-07-2020 A321Int'l de Tesalónica "Macedonia" ()Viena () 09:56PM EEST 10:43PM CEST 1:46
27-07-2020 A321Cerca de ThessalonikiInt'l de Tesalónica "Macedonia" () First seen 08:59PM EEST 09:04PM EEST 0:04
27-07-2020 A321Viena ()Int'l de Tesalónica "Macedonia" () 06:40PM CEST 09:00PM EEST (?) 1:20
27-07-2020 A321Valencia ()Viena () 09:48AM CEST 12:03PM CEST 2:15
27-07-2020 A321Viena ()Valencia () 06:19AM CEST 08:31AM CEST 2:12
26-07-2020 A321Cerca de ViennaViena () First seen 12:41PM CEST 12:49PM CEST 0:08
26-07-2020 A321Int'l de Lárnaca ()Viena () 10:42AM EEST 12:49PM CEST (?) 3:07
26-07-2020 A321Viena ()Int'l de Lárnaca () 05:57AM CEST 09:28AM EEST 2:31
25-07-2020 A321Tallin ()Viena () 02:52PM EEST 03:55PM CEST 2:02
25-07-2020 A321Viena ()Tallin () 11:02AM CEST 01:59PM EEST 1:56
24-07-2020 A321Int'l Niza Costa Azul ()Viena () 08:59PM CEST 10:17PM CEST 1:18
24-07-2020 A321Viena ()Int'l Niza Costa Azul () 06:33PM CEST 07:59PM CEST 1:25
24-07-2020 A321Bari-Palese ()Viena () 04:19PM CEST 05:33PM CEST 1:13
24-07-2020 A321Viena ()Bari-Palese () 02:08PM CEST 03:21PM CEST 1:13
24-07-2020 A321Int'l de Rodas “Diagoras” ()Viena () 10:42AM EEST 12:02PM CEST 2:19
24-07-2020 A321Viena ()Int'l de Rodas “Diagoras” () 06:11AM CEST 09:16AM EEST 2:05
23-07-2020 A321Nápoles-Capodichino ()Viena () 03:04PM CEST 04:28PM CEST 1:23
23-07-2020 A321Viena ()Nápoles-Capodichino () 12:27PM CEST 01:45PM CEST 1:17
22-07-2020 A321Cerca de BratislavaViena () First seen 10:36PM CEST 10:47PM CEST 0:11
22-07-2020 A321Viena ()Int'l Eleftherios Venizelos () 06:13PM CEST 08:48PM EEST 1:34
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