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Boeing 757-200 (N6714Q) - Wow the beach is empty with just Her & Delta, arriving from ATL on a repatriation mission May 14th 2020
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Boeing 757-200 (N6714Q)


Wow the beach is empty with just Her & Delta, arriving from ATL on a repatriation mission May 14th 2020


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Gary Schenauer
"Wow" is the perfect expression, Beeks. Awesome shot. Check out the exquisite curv .. , ahh, I mean, aerodynamic lines; the firm belly ... er ... fuselage structure; those fabulous twin ... uhh ... engines; and those strong and shapely le ... landing gear struts. Gotta LUV this pic, Beeks. Makes me want to fly on a B757. ***** + ***** ++ *****!
Beeks WilsonPhoto Uploader
Hahaha Thanks, Gary you have me cracking up
Gavin Hughes
Just noticed the plane in the picture - lol.
daniel jef
Nicely done!!
Jim Quinn
A trip to this famous beach has now moved up to spot #2 on my bucket list...
a mentor
Gary's writing is better than the picture!!
In the words of Sophia Loren "If you got it, flout it" {no offense intended to our '86ers}
ken kemper

You have a "Total winner" in more ways than one !!
Paul Chastain
Nice & the airplane too ! :-)
George Hall
Wow. Great pic at Maho Beach, St. Marteen. Having been there with fond memories; I wouldn't be surprised if this beauty sun bathed on the French Beach-Adults Only. If you catch my drift. It's nice to see even though it is just one woman on the beach by the airport; that life is slowly returning back to normal there. This island had a double whammy. First the hurricane and now the virus causing loss of tourism.
I am ready to go an vacation right now! Super photo!
Great to see so much sand there again too! It was just rocks and very little sand after Irene.
conrad booze
Blue sky, blue water, white sand, and her.
Gavin Hughes
I notice someone has posted this same pic with young lady Photoshopped to the center under plane! Hope you were contacted first Beeks - no mention of that though. Looks like a new uploader, perhaps not conversant with copyright rules.
Bill Baxter
Bravo Gary! Couldn't have said it better!
daniel jef
@ Gavin Hughes where have you seen that or who was the uploader ??
Viv Pike
@ Daniel Jef

That photo and uploader were reported for copyright, and the doctored image has now been removed.
Gavin Hughes
Hi Daniel, as Viv said, it was on FA but was removed pretty quickly after breach of copyright was reported. It would have been removed before you got to see it.
Beeks WilsonPhoto Uploader
Thanks Guys for the all the nice comments, even the beauty Queens above & below is enjoying the out pouring of love. ;-)
Robert Cowling
Delta might be interested in this picture for their advertising. Nice shot. Memories are all I have of the times I've spent there. Was supposed to go there again this spring, but, well, memories... 5*!
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Fecha Aeronave Origen Destino Salida Llegada Duración
14-06-2021 B752Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l de Orlando () 07:03PM EDT 08:05PM EDT Programado
14-06-2021 B752Int'l de Tampa ()Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson () 03:49PM EDT 05:00PM EDT Programado
14-06-2021 B752Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l de Tampa () 01:10PM EDT 02:16PM EDT Programado
14-06-2021 B752Int'l de Orlando ()Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson () 10:20AM EDT 11:30AM EDT Programado
14-06-2021 B752Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l de Orlando () 07:25AM EDT 08:29AM EDT Programado
13-06-2021 B752Int'l Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood ()Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson () 07:53PM EDT 09:58PM EDT Programado
13-06-2021 B752Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood () 04:58PM EDT 06:48PM EDT 1:49
13-06-2021 B752John Wayne ()Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson () 08:34AM PDT 03:15PM EDT 3:40
12-06-2021 B752Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson ()John Wayne () 05:26PM EDT 06:29PM PDT 4:03
12-06-2021 B752Int'l de Raleigh-Durham ()Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson () 02:29PM EDT 03:27PM EDT 0:57
12-06-2021 B752Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l de Raleigh-Durham () 11:48AM EDT 12:43PM EDT 0:54
12-06-2021 B752Int'l Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood ()Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson () 08:13AM EDT 09:31AM EDT 1:17
11-06-2021 B752Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood () 11:18PM EDT 12:38AM EDT (+1) 1:19
11-06-2021 B752Cyril E. King ()Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson () 05:56PM AST 09:17PM EDT 3:20
11-06-2021 B752Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson ()Cyril E. King () 12:06PM EDT 03:21PM AST 3:15
11-06-2021 B752Int'l Louis Armstrong ()Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson () 08:08AM CDT 10:12AM EDT 1:04
10-06-2021 B752Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l Louis Armstrong () 09:38PM EDT 09:41PM CDT 1:02
10-06-2021 B752Int'l de Detroit ()Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson () 05:59PM EDT 07:27PM EDT 1:27
10-06-2021 B752Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l de Detroit () 01:50PM EDT 03:16PM EDT 1:25
10-06-2021 B752Int'l de Jacksonville ()Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson () 11:06AM EDT 11:48AM EDT 0:41
10-06-2021 B752Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l de Jacksonville () 08:55AM EDT 09:36AM EDT 0:40
10-06-2021 B752Mariscal Sucre Int'l ()Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson () 12:11AM -05 05:50AM EDT 4:39
09-06-2021 B752Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson ()Mariscal Sucre Int'l () 06:39PM EDT 10:24PM -05 4:44
09-06-2021 B752Int'l Louis Armstrong ()Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson () 02:43PM CDT 04:47PM EDT 1:03
09-06-2021 B752Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l Louis Armstrong () 12:59PM EDT 01:01PM CDT 1:01
09-06-2021 B752Int'l Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood ()Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson () 09:29AM EDT 10:48AM EDT 1:19
08-06-2021 B752Int'l de Minneapolis-Saint Paul ()Int'l Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood () 08:28PM CDT 12:35AM EDT (+1) 3:07
08-06-2021 B752Int'l de Orlando ()Int'l de Minneapolis-Saint Paul () 04:14PM EDT 06:15PM CDT 3:01
08-06-2021 B752Int'l de Minneapolis-Saint Paul ()Int'l de Orlando () 10:33AM CDT 02:17PM EDT 2:43
08-06-2021 B752Int'l de Denver ()Int'l de Minneapolis-Saint Paul () 06:08AM MDT 08:34AM CDT 1:25
07-06-2021 B752Int'l de Minneapolis-Saint Paul ()Int'l de Denver () 09:52PM CDT 10:26PM MDT 1:33
07-06-2021 B752Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l de Minneapolis-Saint Paul () 07:41PM EDT 08:42PM CDT 2:01
07-06-2021 B752Int'l de Orlando ()Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson () 04:15PM EDT 05:21PM EDT 1:05
07-06-2021 B752Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l de Orlando () 01:17PM EDT 02:13PM EDT 0:56
07-06-2021 B752Int'l de Tampa ()Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson () 10:14AM EDT 11:21AM EDT 1:06
07-06-2021 B752Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l de Tampa () 07:30AM EDT 08:30AM EDT 1:00
06-06-2021 B752Int'l de Tampa ()Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson () 08:06PM EDT 09:08PM EDT 1:01
06-06-2021 B752Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l de Tampa () 05:10PM EDT 06:12PM EDT 1:01
06-06-2021 B752Int'l de Raleigh-Durham ()Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson () 02:32PM EDT 03:30PM EDT 0:58
06-06-2021 B752Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l de Raleigh-Durham () 11:42AM EDT 12:39PM EDT 0:57
06-06-2021 B752Int'l Louis Armstrong ()Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson () 08:08AM CDT 10:04AM EDT 0:55
05-06-2021 B752Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l Louis Armstrong () 04:46PM EDT 04:57PM CDT 1:10
05-06-2021 B752Int'l Louis Armstrong ()Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson () 12:46PM CDT 02:46PM EDT 0:59
05-06-2021 B752Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l Louis Armstrong () 10:56AM EDT 11:02AM CDT 1:05
04-06-2021 B752Int'l John F. Kennedy ()Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson () 10:55PM EDT 12:41AM EDT (+1) 1:45
04-06-2021 B752Int'l Princesa Juliana ()Int'l John F. Kennedy () 02:17PM AST 06:44PM EDT 4:26
04-06-2021 B752Int'l John F. Kennedy ()Int'l Princesa Juliana () 09:06AM EDT 12:28PM AST 3:21
03-06-2021 B752Cyril E. King ()Int'l John F. Kennedy () 06:51PM AST 10:25PM EDT 3:34
03-06-2021 B752Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson ()Cyril E. King () 01:59PM EDT 05:21PM AST 3:21
03-06-2021 B752Int'l de Orlando ()Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson () 09:15AM EDT 10:13AM EDT 0:57
02-06-2021 B752Int'l Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l de Orlando () 08:23PM EDT 09:30PM EDT 1:06
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