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Viv Pike
Great pic !!
Uwe ZinkePhoto Uploader
thank you Viv!!
patrick baker
passengers on these 747's are given a most comfortable travel experience, and the view of this aircraft with the vortices off the wingtips, the thrust showing of the 4 engines, this is power, beauty and style with class. Airbus has really nothing to match up.
Russ Brown
If that is the twice a-day flight from Dulles to Frankfurt, she will be over my backyard in two miles. A twice a day thrilling sight accompanied by the sound and feel of true power.
Curtis Smith
The vortices off of the engine fins are way cool too!
Fred Ogden
Awesome photo! Thanks. Surprisingly the mains are only about 20' AGL, and appears to not even be over the runway yet. Given the length of the aircraft and deck angle, I'd be more than a little nervous at that point if I were PIC. Guess that's why those captains get paid the big bucks. Just seems low to me.
renato basso
Luiz Vieira
Very cool!!
Love this type of pic.
Mike Abbott
epic pic
Leon Kay
Thanks for another one of your good photos.
Uwe ZinkePhoto Uploader
thank you leon!
Spencer Hoefer
It's sad more airlines didn't give the -8 a chance. Sure it lives on through hauling cargo, but not nearly as popular as the -400.
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Fecha Aeronave Origen Destino Salida Llegada Duración
21-06-2021 B748Fráncfort del Meno ()Int'l de Shanghái-Pudong () 10:30PM CEST 02:24PM CST (+1) En Vuelo
20-06-2021 B748Int'l de São Paulo-Guarulhos ()Fráncfort del Meno () 07:05PM -03 10:35AM CEST (+1) 10:29
19-06-2021 B748Fráncfort del Meno ()Int'l de São Paulo-Guarulhos () 10:02PM CEST 04:27AM -03 (+1) 11:24
18-06-2021 B748Int'l de la Ciudad de México ()Fráncfort del Meno () 10:02PM CDT 03:12PM CEST (+1) 10:09
18-06-2021 B748Fráncfort del Meno ()Int'l de la Ciudad de México () 02:14PM CEST 06:44PM CDT 11:29
16-06-2021 B748Int'l de São Paulo-Guarulhos ()Fráncfort del Meno () 06:41PM -03 10:23AM CEST (+1) 10:42
15-06-2021 B748Fráncfort del Meno ()Int'l de São Paulo-Guarulhos () 10:03PM CEST 04:27AM -03 (+1) 11:23
12-06-2021 B748Int'l de la Ciudad de México ()Fráncfort del Meno () 10:27PM CDT 03:29PM CEST (+1) 10:01
12-06-2021 B748Fráncfort del Meno ()Int'l de la Ciudad de México () 02:28PM CEST 06:49PM CDT 11:20
11-06-2021 B748OR Tambo Int'l ()Fráncfort del Meno () 07:14PM SAST 05:27AM CEST (+1) 10:12
10-06-2021 B748Fráncfort del Meno ()OR Tambo Int'l () 10:11PM CEST 07:49AM SAST (+1) 9:38
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