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much environmental protection on the subject


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Uwe ZinkePhoto Uploader
one late sunless evening in Frankfurt. One of 700 planes daily!
Uwe ZinkePhoto Uploader
like the new VW engines!!
Uwe ZinkePhoto Uploader
This is not an ANTONOV!!
Uwe ZinkePhoto Uploader
Hi Gary!
thank you for your comment. You are sooooo right.
Think also, this plane is a little problem for the whole world.
last 4 days we have here 4 attacks against our free life and our culture. this is much terrible as such Little bird!!
Greetings from a shocked Germany
Gary Schenauer
Uwe, I (and my countrymen/countrywomen) all feel great sadness at the terrible events happening in your country (and everywhere). We understand your shock. We live in a world that can build fantastic aircraft like the new Airbus and Boeing birds, but we don't know what to do about the idiots with lots of weapons and no feelings. Such an insane world.
Anyway, please continue to share your wonderful photos.
Roy Hunte
Pretty shot Uwe!
Mark See
Hi Uwe- Very nice photo here! And a second to Gary's comment... we all feel your sadness and hope things get better there quickly.
黄 明天
This is Air China's Boeing 747-400!
Steve Garner
Nice image I always loved the 747 appearance on take off
Also i hope things improve in Germany and France and Belgium
And i also hope Gary keeps his political opinions to himself we want to view images of airplanes and not U.S. Politics
Gary, keep your unwanted political opinions to yourself. This site is all about aircraft not politics. And, quite frankly, we don't care!!
Uwe ZinkePhoto Uploader
yes it is 747-400 air china cargo b2457
Gary Schenauer
Steve and nwilcox ... You are both absolutely correct. My comment was totally inappropriate for this type of site, and I thank you both for pointing it out. Fortunately, some mistakes, like the erroneous decision I made a few days ago to push the POST MY COMMENT button, can be fixed easily. I can undo my mistake by deleting my inappropriate comment and apologizing for being wrong. Comment deleted, and I am sorry. Thanks again for pointing out to me how a hasty decision can be a harmfully wrong decision.
Uwe ZinkePhoto Uploader
thank you all!!
let us have fun here.
greetings Uwe!!
Luc Barbier
747 for ever...


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