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Beechcraft Super King Air 350 (N837UP)



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Same photo for different registration in the Up in the Air fleet ? really ??
sam kuminecz
technically these photos are legit...wheels up sent an email and authorized this user to upload photos so people can see the plane while tracking it...
It's BS but it's the owners call...
枫 练
Very cool!
William Baldwin
Really tired of seeing these planes take over a good website, a real shame...
Yusef Elnahas
What I was thinking William...
John Hodge
It is a real shame. Same photo posted 48 time now. All 48 are ranked as the best photos on the site with five star ratings. That pretty disrespectful of the actual good photos FA has. The poster is a FA employee so I'm guessing these are paid advertisement. Wish they would remove them or at the least unpin them from the top but I guess money talks.
Roy Hunte
I agree, I wish they would remove all but 1 of them.
Roy Hunte
Also the one of the executive jet that he has uploaded.
Roy Hunte
Wonder if he is going to defend himself???
Guido Warnecke
In the first place it looks like a smart marketing idea for UP.
Not good for the many contributors of plane spotter photos though.
It is also a shame that the 2 top uploaders mostly just "dump" their memory cards on the site. No description of the photos and poor quality.
Tom van der Meulen
I gave a few of the same photographs a 1* rating just to see if the average of 5.00 comes down. It doesn't. This guy must have rigged the webpage and must be a worker of FA. I will not contribute any photographs on FA anymore untill FA stops this mockery by deleting all but one photograph.
Roy Hunte
Same here Tom, that and when I get a new camera that takes decent pics.
Aidan Grenville
Hmm, I wonder why rating it one star does nothing to change the average?
Cade Emtage
I agree Aiden! I'm SURE that not everyone rated this copied photo as 5*!!!
Tyler Emtage
Also normally FA doesn't let you submit the same photo twice so something's wrong.
Tyler Emtage
And also, all of the registrations to each photo are not the same and because the wing blocks the registration you can't tell what the actual registration is.
Gary Schenauer
Tyler, Cade, and all others .... In the interest of saving you any more time wondering about these photos, I'll just pass along this info....
The circumstances surrounding these photos were all questioned a couple of years ago. Although no direct explanation was offered, the below listed info was (informally) provided.
1) Two pictures are all that are shown. The different reg numbers show the many aircraft in the Wheels Up "fleet," but only two photos are shown and the fact that the reg numbers of each are not visible is deliberate so that one pic can be used to represent many a/c.
2) FA is fully aware. The poster of the photos and the FA founder are acquainted.
3) On (almost) all of the posts, only "5 star" votes will be recorded. Anything less than a "5 star" vote will not record and; therefore, cannot be tallied into the average.
4) The photos do not always accurately portray the liveries of the actual aircraft. For instance, one of the aircraft actually has a bright pink paint scheme, etc., etc.
5) These photos will always be the highest rated photos in the gallery.
6) FlightAware is a business. Wheels Up is a business, too.
The above six items are what was learned a couple years back.
Gary is correct and makes a good point here with his #2 and #6 statements!!!

Thomas Harbauer
They're nearly all the exact same pic...
William Gilson
Ahh we all know what photo is the real #1 photo this set drives me nuts but hey FA needs to make money to stay on the web so...
Tyler Emtage
That explains it...
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Fecha Aeronave Origen Destino Salida Llegada Duración
02-08-2020 B350Morristown Muni ()Westchester County () 07:00PM EDT 07:17PM EDT 0:16
02-08-2020 B350Nantucket Memorial ()Morristown Muni () 04:55PM EDT 05:54PM EDT 0:59
02-08-2020 B350Igor I Sikorsky Memorial ()Nantucket Memorial () 02:16PM EDT 02:51PM EDT 0:35
02-08-2020 B350Westchester County ()Igor I Sikorsky Memorial () 12:17PM EDT 12:38PM EDT 0:20
02-08-2020 B350Nantucket Memorial ()Westchester County () 10:13AM EDT 11:04AM EDT 0:51
02-08-2020 B350Barnstable Muni ()Nantucket Memorial () 08:44AM EDT 08:56AM EDT 0:11
01-08-2020 B350Int'l Piedmont Triad ()Barnstable Muni () 11:47AM EDT 01:50PM EDT 2:02
29-07-2020 B350Coastal Carolina Regional ()Int'l Piedmont Triad () 10:50AM EDT 11:29AM EDT 0:39
29-07-2020 B350Int'l Washington-Dulles ()Coastal Carolina Regional () 09:11AM EDT 10:14AM EDT 1:03
28-07-2020 B350Int'l de Raleigh-Durham ()Int'l Washington-Dulles () 07:04PM EDT 07:49PM EDT 0:44
28-07-2020 B350John Glenn Columbus Intl Airport ()Int'l de Raleigh-Durham () 01:35PM EDT 02:52PM EDT 1:16
28-07-2020 B350Mason County ()John Glenn Columbus Intl Airport () 11:29AM EDT 12:37PM EDT 1:07
27-07-2020 B350Waukesha County ()Mason County () 01:55PM CDT 03:20PM EDT 0:25
27-07-2020 B350Southwest Georgia Rgnl ()Waukesha County () 08:19AM EDT 10:11AM CDT 2:52
26-07-2020 B350Cape Fear Rgnl Jetport/Howie Franklin Fld ()Southwest Georgia Rgnl () 04:52PM EDT 06:13PM EDT 1:21
26-07-2020 B350Huntsville Executive ()Cape Fear Rgnl Jetport/Howie Franklin Fld () 01:07PM CDT 03:52PM EDT 1:45
26-07-2020 B350Ohio State University ()Huntsville Executive () 11:36AM EDT 11:59AM CDT 1:22
24-07-2020 B350Coleman a Young Muni ()Ohio State University () 02:51PM EDT 03:25PM EDT 0:34
24-07-2020 B350Int'l de Baltimore-Washington ()Coleman a Young Muni () 12:26PM EDT 01:53PM EDT 1:26
23-07-2020 B350Nantucket Memorial ()Int'l de Baltimore-Washington () 08:20PM EDT 09:51PM EDT 1:31
23-07-2020 B350Northeast Philadelphia ()Nantucket Memorial () 06:19PM EDT 07:17PM EDT 0:58
23-07-2020 B350Greenbrier Valley ()Northeast Philadelphia () 03:24PM EDT 04:37PM EDT 1:13
23-07-2020 B350Morristown Muni ()Greenbrier Valley () 01:10PM EDT 02:39PM EDT 1:28
23-07-2020 B350Nantucket Memorial ()Morristown Muni () 11:16AM EDT 12:13PM EDT 0:56
22-07-2020 B350New Bedford Rgnl ()Nantucket Memorial () 03:58PM EDT 04:20PM EDT 0:22
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