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Douglas DC-3 (HB-IRJ)
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Douglas DC-3 (HB-IRJ)



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John Giambone
That's just beautiful!
Gavin Hughes
Simply stunning. Such a beautiful photo all round.
that is unreal photo beautiful the much loved DC3
Anthony Holding
Perfect aeroplane with a perfect backdrop.
frank theriault
Abraham Sagiv
i had 20 jumps from a DC3
ken kemper

My favorite pic on Flightaware in the past couple months - maybe even for the year !!

Stunning !!!!
Lindo quadro.
Can anyone tell us a little about how and where this photo was taken?
RandLl Nelson
For those wondering…..The backdrop view is of Mt. Rainier’s NNW face with Liberty Ridge in the center running up to Liberty Cap and the Mowich Face to the right. The higher Columbia Crest summit of Rainier is just in view to the top left of the mountain.
Thanks Mr. Nelson for that.
Larry Stock
christopher joyce
DC3, the Mountain, fantastic!
It says "Breitling DC-3 World tour." Anyone know the story about that?
Lidia Maria
Gosto dessa mescla de cores entre a máquina e a natureza. Lindo!
Joe Dempsey
I never tire of photos of DC-3s. When I was a boy my father (a school principal) worked summers in Laconia, NH for Northeast Airlines who flew them. I am color blind, but the photo has a very similar color scheme to Northeast. Very fond memories! Also, I have climbed Mt Rainier. Many, many thanks for posting this.
john cook
Great shot both of my favorites.
By the way what time is it?
What a gorgeous photo!!!
Bob Little
Q: How does it get any better than this?
A: It can't, son. It can't.
Mark Storm
Where is it?
Rob Lamb
All over Brazil, Argentina, and Chile, years ago.

Loved these old birds. Of course, they weren't that old, then.
Robert Sloane
Classy Lady from the past. I trained on the engines for these birds in High School fell in love with radials after that
John Shearer
Would anyone agree this is an early American Airlines DC3 powered by Wright engines and the doors are on the starboard side. The tip off is the rounded center trim piece between the forward cockpit windows. I flew one, N400D as i recall, as co-pilot in exchange for flying a 1936 Lockheed 10A Electra as captain. We used both for selling rides to raise money for a underprivileged children camp near Greensboro, NC. The owner and DC3 captain was the remarkable late K.C. Benbow.
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