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VOUGHT-SIKORSKY V-166 Corsair (N9964Z) - Landing at the Greenwood Lake Airshow
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VOUGHT-SIKORSKY V-166 Corsair (N9964Z)


Landing at the Greenwood Lake Airshow


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great photo - beautiful aircraft!
a mentor
fanatics know there is no registered V-166 Corsair, that is the design number and never commissioned as such :-0 The three variants are
the F4U-4 by Chance Vought,
the F2G-1 by Goodyear (the Super Corsair with the P&W 4360) and
the F3A-1 by Brewster which was grounded from loosing the wings too easily
a mentor
F3A-1 and F3A-1D (called Corsair Mk III by the Fleet Air Arm[75]):

This was the designation for Brewster-built F4U-1. Labor troubles delayed production, and the Navy ordered the company's contract terminated; they folded soon after.[121] Poor quality wing fittings meant that these aircraft were red-lined for speed and prohibited from aerobatics after several lost their wings.[citation needed] None of the Brewster-built Corsairs reached front line units. 430 Brewster Corsairs (334 F3A-1 and 96 F3A-1D), more than half of Brewster's total production, were delivered to the Fleet Air Arm.
a mentor
The CAF’s FG-1D “530” is one of the original airframes that launched the Confederate Air Force (now Commemorative Air Force). This airplane is not only historically significant, but it is thoroughly engrained in the CAF’s heritage and has been one of the busiest aircraft in the history of the CAF’s stable. The CAF Airbase Georgia at Falcon Field was selected to become the new home for the FG-1D “530” by the leadership team of the CAF in August of 2012.
Tom Hines
I can't find any reference to Sikorsky ever having anything to do with Corsair development or production. Is this a typographical error?
ken kemper
Great action Photo Jay...........

Looks like he is landing in the woods.
Great action shot - gorgeous airplane!!
serge LOTH
One of my favorite airplane!! 5* + a thought for Gregg Boyington
a mentor
@Tom Hines: Sikorsky was the parent company of Chance Vought and FA has pushed the thought that it was the builder of the F4U. FA not only got that wrong but also the V-166 as the type code for the F4U -- SIGH
a mentor
some early Goodyear-built examples (designated FG-1A) being built with fixed wings
Allen Piwowarski
BlackSheep Squadron MJR.Gregory PAPPY Boyington
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