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N9323Z — - B-17G Flying Fortess doing a fly by at the Capital City Airshow Sept 2018.
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N9323Z —


B-17G Flying Fortess doing a fly by at the Capital City Airshow Sept 2018.


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Don Lynch
What a beautiful symbol of American design and manufacturing. It's almost a shame we advanced with time. I can only imagine what it must have been like when you could look up and see fifty or more flying overhead.
brian dubey
It is amazing the difference of just sixty (60 years) years how times have really changed between war planes of World War Two when a bomber like B-17G is carrying some 10,000 pounds of bombs had no guidance to the target. Today sixty year later some of our existing fighter aircraft carry that much in ordnance and every bomb can be guided to a specific target.
Stephen Jensen
Gorgeous photo of "Sentimental Journey" :-)
Id Rocketeer
"No guidance?" I suspect the pathfinders, navigators, and bombardiers that flew those WWII missions would strongly disagree with that.

Yes, I know you mean precision guided ordnance, but still...
Id Rocketeer
Yes, it is a gorgeous photo. I've got one somewhere taken about '87 at KCID with SJ on static display against the sunset. The wife and I went back out to the airport a day or so after the show and watched SJ and Gunfighter II make a pass down the flight line as they departed. Really nice. Diamond Lil, then painted in desert pink, was also supposed to depart, but had a mechanical that prevented it.

Obviously these things left no impression. :D
Barry Erlich
Don Lynch......couldn't have said it better myself!
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24-06-2021 UnknownCerca de Picacho, AZFalcon Fld () 10:23AM MST 10:48AM MST 0:25
24-06-2021 UnknownCerca de Phoenix, AZPhoenix-Mesa Gateway () 09:40AM MST 09:46AM MST 0:06
24-06-2021 UnknownFalcon Fld ()Phoenix-Mesa Gateway () 08:18AM MST 08:59AM MST 0:40
22-06-2021 UnknownCerca de Prescott, AZFalcon Fld () 01:45PM MST 02:30PM MST 0:44
22-06-2021 UnknownPrescott Rgnl - Ernest a Love Fld ()Prescott Rgnl - Ernest a Love Fld () 12:20PM MST 12:56PM MST 0:36
22-06-2021 UnknownPrescott Rgnl - Ernest a Love Fld ()Prescott Rgnl - Ernest a Love Fld () 11:16AM MST 11:46AM MST 0:30
22-06-2021 UnknownFalcon Fld ()Prescott Rgnl - Ernest a Love Fld () 09:36AM MST 11:01AM MST 1:25
22-06-2021 UnknownFalcon Fld ()Falcon Fld () 07:53AM MST 08:28AM MST 0:34
22-06-2021 UnknownFalcon Fld ()Falcon Fld () 07:19AM MST 07:29AM MST 0:09
11-06-2021 UnknownFalcon Fld ()Phoenix-Mesa Gateway () 10:27AM MST 11:07AM MST 0:40
11-06-2021 UnknownFalcon Fld ()Falcon Fld () 08:10AM MST 08:55AM MST 0:45
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