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48-3514 —
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48-3514 —



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David Layte
Andrea Gentilini
A flying masterpiece !!
frank theriault
Great photo!
terry kelsey
jesse kyzer

B-17G Sentimental Journey
bob reeves
Great photograph Bill!!!!!
George Bures
I still well remember, than as 11-year old boy, these planes flying in hundreds over Brno (CZE) heading north to Germany. I will never forget their distinctive ‘bubbly’ sounds of engines and long white streaks in the skies…
Bill Seward

It's hard to believe that the men who flew these into battle are now nearly gone.
Jaime Rodriguez
Me fascina esa fotografía, la pondré de fondo en mi teléfono.
Parabéns Bill Edgar pela linda foto, na qual me traz muitas lembranças quando ia para Base Aérea do Recife -SBRF com meu Pai por volta dos anos 1967, onde cheguei a entrar nas Fortalezas Voadoras B-17 na época em operação , no Esquadrão do meu pai existiam 3 aeronaves .
Hoje existe um Aeronave na frente da Base .

Jose Flavio - Brazil - Guaratinguetá .
Beautiful!! Almost too 'up close and personal'!!
hubert peffer
Great picture ! great plane !
rbt schaffer
Uncle flew these birds out of Foggia Italy in 1944. Flew 'Thumper the Wabbit', Marishka, 'Fifty Pakin Mama', 'SNAFUPERMAN', Big Time and some un-named bombers.... They were all full of FLAK holes and patches. Nice to see this BEAUTY... He wouldn't know how to act in a pretty bird like this.
John Phillips
still a piece of art
Diana Rose
Stunning Shot!
Kudos to the men and women dedicated to keeping history flying.
Beauty of a shot Bill. How did you ever get that close ?
As a former Loadmaster on her. I still get a worm feeling when she flies over my House.
Steven Westby
As a member of the Arizona Wing of the (then) Confederate Air Force from 1981 to 1987, I had the privilege of being part of the crew of Sentimental Journey. I flew aboard her to many an airshow and fly-in during those years.
My initiation to working on her in 1981 was to change the generator on the #2 engine. Quite the experience, busted knuckles and all.
Bill EdgarPhoto Uploader
@STEVEN CORNISH - 700mm lens (500mm with a 1.4x extender) along with a lot of practice and steady hands :)

Don Ridgeway
Magic, that's all I can say
Juan Rubio
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