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1967 ERICKSON S64E Rotorcraft dropping during the Beaver creek fire in Blaine County Idaho summer 2013 with a firenado in the background


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Dima Graive
Amazing. Firefighters, they are brave people. Look at the tower of flame. How high is it ? 50 meters. may be higher ??? Wooowww !!!
Jakub Bialek
There are to fire tornadoes in this picture :)
Great picture. Nice to see something more than an aircraft in a shot.
Love my Aircranes. I was a structures engineer at Erickson and even got to ride a few times.
roland pfeifer
Great Shot, I'll bet it's a tad warm in that chopper.
Sig P
Stunningly great shot.
WoW, good picture!
Loren WoodPhoto Uploader
Thanks for the comments. The fire tornado was estimated to be about equal to a 10 story building, or about 100 feet. I was about 3/4 of a mile or so away from where it happened. Within a few minutes of this photo taken we, the onlookers/photographers, were order to get out of there for all obvious reasons. These helicopter were flying everywhere for a good couple weeks during the fire. Amazing pilots.
ken kemper

A spectacular Capture...........
Travis Mauldin
God bless them firefighters.
Paul Hurford
A stunning and fearsome shot. The fire crews and the aircraft above show an amazing sense of determination in fighting these viscous wild land fires.
Kevin Shaffer
Crazy shot! Nice!


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