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Grumman E-2 Hawkeye (16-8598)


A VAW-121 (Carrier Airborne Early Warning Sqdn 121) "Bluetails" E2D Hawkeye (168598) is about to land on runway 31L at KNFL.
This is the first photo of 168598 to be posted into the FA gallery.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
The "Bluetails" are assigned to the USS Nimitz (CVN-68) of Carrier Strike Group Eleven. Nimitz is presently at Naval Base Kitsap - Bremerton.
Gary... you did it again... "5" stars!!!
Roy Hunte
Alan Brown
Great photo. Interesting tail colors.
Looks more like she is taking off -no flaps and nose high-
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Cliff, Roy, Alan, and Chalet ... Hi and thank you for the comments / complis, guys.
Cliff ... Northrop Grumman has requested some original HRes snaps of this one. I'm selecting the 5 best of the 14 to send. Also, they sent me a pic of the new Hawkeye with the air refueling probe. SUPER!!! I'll email that one to you.
Huge congrats to You, Gary, on the Northrop Grumman photo request! That's an exemplary and impressive confirmation of the quality of your work and your credibility as a photographer!!!

I'll be watching my e-mail inbox... thanks again!
Roy Hunte
Can't wait to see it!!!!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Roy ... I just emailed the pic to you. Should be in your mailbox any moment now.
That is absolutely fantastic news Gary! Very Best Regards! Chris.
Roy Hunte
Thanks for the email, old friend, it beautiful!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Chris R. ... If you are interested in seeing it, I have a pic of the new E2D Hawkeye equipped with a refueling probe. It was sent to me by NG. It is scheduled to join the USN fleet by 2020. If you would like to see the pic of it, just email me at
Many Thanks for your comment, Chris.
Dave Sheehy
Another stunning capture Gary, 5*! Thank you for sharing the USN picture via email and for posting your own shots here.
Yes,great photo...."5" stars!!!
I was in VAW-121 Powerplants back in 1981 on the NATO cruise with the U.S.S. EISENHOWER. We lost an A-7 and pilot off the starboard elevator. VAW-121 was the best squadron I had been in. Good to see these pics.
roland pfeifer
Must have taken a lot of reenfrcement to hold that dish up there.
Chris DiCenso
markbjorndal Hello fellow Bluetail! I was with 121 then too. Was initiated as AEC during our at sea period between Lisbon and Portsmouth. I remember the A-7 going over the side. It took out part of the railing between El11 and El-2. If I remember correctly it was our last fly day before hitting Norva and a lousy day for flying. I recall the story goes that the pilot was scheduled to leave that squadron and report to the Blue Angels after that at sea period.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Dave, Vaides, Markbjorndal, Roland, and Chris D. ... TYVM for commenting, guys. Mark and Chris >> It is really neat that you were both on the carrier at the same time. Very, very sad about the pilot, but I am glad you two discovered your common history while viewing this shot.
I presume the A7 pilot went down with his aircraft? Was that an A7 Corsair?? Looked a bit like a stubby Crusader...
Chris: see

Links will show the similarities of the A7 vs the F8
Thanks for those links jobeard...they make great reading.
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