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James Brown
I tried to I.D. this cleaned up bird as to when it started life as to whether it is a F4U built by Chance Vought, or an FG-1D built by Goodyear. I will go for the FG-1D as it has the bubble canopy vs. the birdcage. It is not a F4U-4 with the chin scoop and four blade prop.
Peter Goldfinch
It is a Goodyear FG-!D, registration number NZ5648, originally operated by the RNZAF.
alex kropf
nice shot.
john cook
I'm no expert but it looks like 3 blurs for the prop?
But you guys have better eyes than I do.
I've only seen 1 super corsair a couple of times at Reno [The red one] before it was lost.
minicooperd Photo Uploader
Thanks for the interest in my picture. Yep it has a 3 blade prop and was built by Goodyear in 1945.This aircraft is NZ’s only surviving RNZAF Corsair FG-1D, it was previously a gate guardian at a Rukuhia Service Station.It is expertly flown by Keith Skilling at airshows here in NZ.


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