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Boeing 747-400 (PH-BFH)


KLM 747-400 PH-BFH departing TNCM ST Maarten for Curacao


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Surely not a 200? Beautiful shot nevertheless love the dust whirling up on the downwind side
Paul Wisgerhof
With the winglets, this must be a 747-400. The optical illusion of a short runway is excellent. The runway is actually 6700 feet, usable.
Jim Quinn
Had this place on my bucket list for a long time. I'm still working toward it. Can't wait! Have extreme zoom camera, will travel.
Ivan Blakely
maybe the zoom lens makes it look closer, but that yacht mast looks a bit close for comfort on approach.
Excellent pic.
Bruce Bennidick
Man they can climb!
Richard Lawrence
Regal aircraft and great shot.
Henry Dupuis
nice of that schooner with the tall mast to anchor just off the approach end....
Sunil Kurian
beautiful shot!
Robert Wolff
Why the yaw to the right?
Roy Hunte
Robert, it would be because of a crosswind.
Frank Gollner
Great shot! Check out engine One overlapping the runway from the drift, blasting the dirt from the grass!
Craig G
I'm going to try and go there next year!!!
Flaps full extended and landing lights still switched on:
I guess this is a typical go-around configuration ...
Geoffrey PEARSON
Never mind the yacht at the approach end of the runway, it's standing room only along the perimeter fence for the jet-blast surfers.
Jonathan Spooner
I worked 1979 - 2009 in IT for Pratt & Whitney. In '85 the company sponsored a huge 2-day air show at its East Hartford CT factory's Rentschler Airport, and one guest of honor was a sparkling new 747 en route to delivery to Northwest. At least half the company's work force came out to watch that bird arrive, and even more lined the fences when she departed the day after the show ended. I watched - didn't care if I might get reprimanded for being away from my desk! The runway was not long (I think 7k) and on take-off the plane had no passengers, no cargo, and just enough fuel to get to Bradley in Windsor Locks. I understood the pilot was a woman. It was just breathtaking to see. It looked to me that after half the runway had been passed, the craft would never be moving fast enough to get off the ground - and then it happened - rotation and liftoff simultaneously - right in front of me and hundreds of others. She just went into an incredibly steep climb that must have been about a 40° angle - gently and effortlessly like an elevator, and held that attitude for a good 2 or 3 minutes, then leveled off briefly and swung around to the north. Absolutely astonishing - still brings a lump to my throat in 2017.
Nigel Steele
Awesome shot!
great picture
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Fecha Aeronave Origen Destino Salida Llegada Duración
18-10-2018 B744Int'l Johan Adolf Pengel ()Ámsterdam-Schiphol () 06:13PM -03 07:40AM CEST (+1) 8:26
18-10-2018 B744Ámsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l Johan Adolf Pengel () 11:41AM CEST 03:08PM -03 8:27
16-10-2018 B744Int'l Johan Adolf Pengel ()Ámsterdam-Schiphol () 10:58PM -03 11:59AM CEST (+1) 8:01
16-10-2018 B744Ámsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l Johan Adolf Pengel () 04:20PM CEST 07:54PM -03 8:34
15-10-2018 B744Int'l Chicago-O'Hare ()Ámsterdam-Schiphol () 04:20PM CDT 06:02AM CEST (+1) 6:42
15-10-2018 B744Int'l Chicago-O'Hare ()Ámsterdam-Schiphol () 04:18PM CDT 06:02AM CEST (+1) 6:44
15-10-2018 B744Ámsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l Chicago-O'Hare () 12:46PM CEST 02:14PM CDT 8:27
14-10-2018 UnknownInt'l de San Francisco ()Ámsterdam-Schiphol () 02:21PM PDT 08:54AM CEST (+1) 9:33
14-10-2018 B744Ámsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l de San Francisco () 10:05AM CEST 10:57AM PDT 9:52
14-10-2018 B744Ámsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l de San Francisco () 10:05AM CEST 10:56AM PDT 9:51
13-10-2018 B744Int'l Hato ()Ámsterdam-Schiphol () 03:12PM AST 05:24AM CEST (+1) 8:12
13-10-2018 B744Ámsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l Hato () 10:03AM CEST 12:59PM AST 8:56
12-10-2018 B744Int'l Chicago-O'Hare ()Ámsterdam-Schiphol () 04:26PM CDT 05:59AM CEST (+1) 6:32
12-10-2018 B744Int'l Chicago-O'Hare ()Ámsterdam-Schiphol () 04:26PM CDT 06:05AM CEST (+1) 6:39
12-10-2018 B744Ámsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l Chicago-O'Hare () 01:18PM CEST 02:18PM CDT 7:59
11-10-2018 B744Int'l de Los Ángeles ()Ámsterdam-Schiphol () 01:58PM PDT 08:29AM CEST (+1) 9:30
11-10-2018 B744Ámsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l de Los Ángeles () 10:16AM CEST 11:32AM PDT 10:15
09-10-2018 B744Int'l Johan Adolf Pengel ()Ámsterdam-Schiphol () 09:15PM -03 10:40AM CEST (+1) 8:25
09-10-2018 B744Ámsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l Johan Adolf Pengel () 02:39PM CEST 06:13PM -03 8:33
08-10-2018 B744Int'l Hato ()Ámsterdam-Schiphol () 02:43PM AST 05:20AM CEST (+1) 8:36
08-10-2018 B744Ámsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l Hato () 09:42AM CEST 12:43PM AST 9:01
07-10-2018 B744Int'l Hato ()Ámsterdam-Schiphol () 02:41PM AST 05:32AM CEST (+1) 8:50
07-10-2018 B744Ámsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l Hato () 09:43AM CEST 12:39PM AST 8:56
05-10-2018 B744Int'l Hato ()Ámsterdam-Schiphol () 03:01PM AST 05:37AM CEST (+1) 8:36
05-10-2018 B744Ámsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l Hato () 09:43AM CEST 12:52PM AST 9:09
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