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Douglas DC-3 (N18121)


N18121 is the highest time DC-3 in the world, with over 91,690 total hours on her airframe. Sadly,this will be her last flight before being stripped of her Eastern Airlines paint. For the foreseeable future, she will appear totally naked in polished bare metal. After that, who knows?


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Dave Sheehy
5* picture! Almost looks like left prop is feathered...
Nice picture! The Airplane should go in a museum.
Christophe Authom
Great DC3, out of time...
Nice photo.
W.H. Boer
It where by good when they give it to the DDA CLASSIC AIRLINES.
E.L.T.A-straat 6 Hangaar 10. Postbus 7700. 1117 ZL Schiphol.
David Steiner
First airplane I flew in, 1945. I have 441 combat flight hours as a Master Navigator in EC-47s. High time DC-3s have taxied more than half a million miles. More at My favorite aircraft. C-141 is a close second.
Stephen Graham
Is there an assumption that it will be repainted later in something from this specific plane's actual history or is it just typically at the owner's discretion?
why are they removing the paint scheme?
Paul Hurford
Back in the late 1950's, I would go to Midway Airport in Chicago KMDW, and watch all of the takeoffs from Rwy 31L at the corner of Cicero & 63st. So this photo brings back a lot of happy memories, Great Post, beautiful unusual viewing angle photo - very unique.
Alden Sewell
Such a loss , glad there are several others still flying , this is an aviation" Forever " .. aircraft .
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