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Scheduled Departures: Madrid-Barajas Airport (Madrid ES) [LEMD]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
IBE2736A319Barcelona ()mar 06:45PM CESTmar 07:47PM CEST
ANE8646CRKGranada ()mar 06:45PM CESTmar 08:51PM CEST
VLG1026A320Barcelona ()mar 06:55PM CESTmar 08:14PM CEST
TAP1017A319Lisboa ()mar 07:10PM CESTmar 07:25PM WEST
RYR3029B738Bremen ()mar 07:20PM CESTmar 10:00PM CEST
EWG9515B737Int'l de Düsseldorf ()mar 07:20PM CESTmar 09:47PM CEST
RAM971B738Int'l Mohammed V ()mar 07:30PM CESTmar 08:06PM WEST
BAW463767Londres-Heathrow ()mar 07:40PM CESTmar 10:46PM BST
RYR5484A320Oporto ()mar 07:40PM CESTmar 07:50PM WEST
IBE3248A321Venecia ()mar 07:40PM CESTmar 10:00PM CEST
RYR5352Rabat-Salé ()mar 07:45PM CESTmar 08:20PM WEST
RYR2061B738Palma de Mallorca (or Son Sant Joan) ()mar 07:45PM CESTmar 09:10PM CEST
IBE440A319Bilbao ()mar 07:50PM CESTmar 08:50PM CEST
IBE1956A321Barcelona ()mar 07:55PM CESTmar 09:10PM CEST
IBE2738A319Barcelona ()mar 07:55PM CESTmar 07:47PM CEST
ANE8324AT72San Sebastián ()mar 08:00PM CESTmar 09:05PM CEST
ANE8012CRJ2Turín-Caselle ()mar 08:00PM CESTmar 09:50PM CEST
ANE8872CRJ2Santander ()mar 08:00PM CESTmar 08:45PM CEST
IBE3482A320Int'l de Ginebra ()mar 08:10PM CESTmar 09:55PM CEST
ANE8526CRKPamplona ()mar 08:10PM CESTmar 08:55PM CEST
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